That doesn’t look safe

Dick Stabile
“Dancing on the Sunset Strip”
AudioLab #1572

“For You”:

 For You

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My Happiest Moments

The Suzi Arden Show

“Live at the Mint Hotel”
Mint #711

Someone has written on the record sleeve, “1977, Aug. 10th. My happiest moments”

“Bill Bailey”:

Bill Bailey

From the Back Cover:

“Suzi Arden! She’s the dynamite entertainment package who jams the Mint Hotel’s Merri Mint Lounge with crowds so big it takes two uniformed security patrolmen just to keep the aisles clear. Suzi Arden is a whole line of Rockettes rolled into one. Those who have seen Miss Arden cavort ‘on stage’ will attest to the fact she’s the hottest lounge attraction on famed Fremont Street here in America’s Entertainment capitol.”

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