No, Apple, you did not invent the word “App”

Jack Benny and Friends
“Music to Write Apps By”
1960, State Farm Insurance Records #L8OP0956

Yes, people were using “apps” as an abbreviation for “applications” at least 50 years ago… as they were being driven around town in model-T’s by their negro chauffeurs.

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Cash or Charge?

Continental Oil Company
“Charge!  1966 Sales Program”
1966, Conoco

“Here comes the crusty, hard-as-nails Old Trooper and his dedicated horse Reveille riding hard out of Fort Conoco to bring you the news of Conoco’s 1966 Sales Program.  The Old Trooper is a new symbol that embodies the aggressive spirit and bold new challenge to the petroleum market place.  He’s the leader of the ‘espirit de corps’ for Conoco sales people everywhere.  You’ll see him often in 1966.  Listen to his words of wisdom as he calls the troops together to whip up enthusiasm for the new year.  Jump into the spirit of his challenging call to arms… CHARGE!”

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Music and Fragrance Become One

Various Artists
“Aromance ™ Aroma Disc™ presents: Romance is in the Air”
CBS Special Products/Environmental Fragrance Technologies

In 1982, a perfume company called Charles of the Ritz released a product that, after long years, finally bridged the gap between the music and air-freshener industries:  The Aromance ™ Aroma Disc™ player.

The Aroma Disc™ player did not play records, but small plastic discs injected with individually-themed scents, with such names as “Passion”, “Ocean Breeze”, “A Dozen Roses”, “Holding Hands”, “After Dinner Mints”, and even “Movie Time”, which smelled of buttered popcorn.

This LP was, at some point, sold along with the aroma player.  It appears to be a generic CBS Special Products sampler branded with an Aroma Disc™ cover.  The vinyl itself doesn’t even mention Aroma Disc™, and bears the title, “To My Love”.

From the back cover:
Romance is in the air! It takes hold of your heart…  sends your spirits soaring… and now, it tantalizes your senses as never before– as music and fragrance become one.

Experience evenings you will remember with the songs of  “ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR” and your favorite mood setting Aroma Disc fragrance records.  Discover the alluring scent of SEDUCTION, the perfect compliment to Peter Nero’s “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.”  Enjoy the fragrant serenade of MOONLIGHT… a soft haunting background to the poignant “Theme From Love Story.”  Or, listen to Ray Conniff’s “Laughter in the Rain” with the delicate whisper of an ENGLISH GARDEN.  Andy Williams singing “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” and the sweet aroma of HONEYSUCKLE & ROSE.  Or, add an exciting new dimension to any selection with the enticing fragrance of PASSION.

Let your imagination and mood be your guide.  Experiment with your fragrance and musical combinations for a uniquely special evening.  It’s an enchanting world of fragrance, music, and emotion– a total sensory experience which you create.  Simply turn down the lights… turn on the music… and let the fragrance play.

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I Left My Heartburn in San Francisco

Sammy Davis, Jr.
“The Sound of Sammy: From the Candy Man to Plop Plop Fizz Fizz”
1978, Alka-Seltzer/Warner Special Products

Many celebrity product promotion records that I find just are simply an artist’s greatest hits with an advert for the product on the cover.  Maybe there’s a company jingle on the record, but its performed by someone else.

Not so here!  This forgotten gem features TWO versions of Sammy’s unique version of the “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz” song! One for every taste.

“Plop Plop Fizz Fizz (Big Band version)”

“Plop Plop Fizz Fizz (Rock Version)”

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Finger Lickin’ Christmas

“Christmas with Colonel Sanders”
RCA #PRS-291

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sorry about your small chess piece

“A Record of Quality from your Sanitone Drycleaner”
Columbia Special Products #S-382

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the hip, happening ceiling tile

“Sound Off… Softly”
Gold Bond “Silentex” ceiling tile
Coumbia #CSP-244

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a taste of america

“El Disco de la Nueva Generacion”
CBS #DSL-10513

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stepford mom

Various Artists
“M’m! M’m! Good!”
Campbell’s Soup / Columbia Special Products

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unfortunately, the movers broke my stereo.

“Nice Going United: Music to Move By”

United Van Lines/CBS

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