Locked Up For Jesus

BurbridgeCrimeJack Burbridge
“From Crime to Christ”
1972, Imperial #720210



watn2s1Jack has a “prison & motorcycle ministry” and hawks cheap Jesus trinkets

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Tears of a Rodeo Clown

The Eastham Band
“Texas Prison Rodeo Presents: Behind the Walls”
1977, HER-A-IV

From the liner notes:

The colorful history of the Texas Prison Rodeo dates from 1931.  The Rodeo has been held each year, except during the 1943, when no Rodeo was held because of the war.  Each year it gets bigger and better. 

Dr. Harley Rex has been directing the Rodeo Band since 1964, and since that time, the music program has been incorporated into the Wyndham School District.  This year, Dr. Rex’s music directors on the various units have won national honors in several contests….  The Eastham Band and Choir, directed by Gene Ronsonette, received the Sweepstakes Award.  The Louisiana Pacific Corporation sponsored this Nation-wide contest and the judges stated that “our presentation showed the epic struggle of the Blacks and Spanish in an attempt to find their place in American Society.”

  Torn down.

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