Jimmy Swaggart
“Flying Missiles, Atomic Bombs, and the Second Coming of Christ”
Jim #L10

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Oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang

Lester Sumrall
“Witch Doctor”

From the Back Cover:

Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira of Brazil has had perhaps the strangest encounter with demons and the devil — and with the Lord Jesus Christ — of anyone in this generation. He was for forty years a Macumba witch doctor, You will hear a story that has never before come from human lips– a story that delves deeply into the mysteries of witchcraft and demon possession. Then one day, Arlindo tells us, Jesus Christ walked into his room and told him witchcraft was wrong. Arlindo now lives in the ultra modern city of Brasilia and works as a courier of confidential documents for the national government of Brazil.

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I get older, they stay the same age!

Jay Snell
“Confessions of a Teen-Age Girl”
Ludwig Sound #120

“Confessions of a Teenage Girl”:

Confessions of a Teenage Girl

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a bible & a smile

Merv Rosell
“Heaven… Can Be Yours”
Word #8067
photo: Robert A. Bolen

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Keep the Faith, Baby!

Adam Clayton Powell
“Keep The Faith, Baby!”|
Jubilee #JGM 2062

” Keep the Faith, Baby”:

Keep the Faith, Baby


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Who won?

Tommy Phelps
“I Wrestled With God”
Rainbow #2045

“Conversion Testimony”:

Conversion Testimony

What I’ve always thought was hilarious about this cover is the fact that the BEFORE and AFTER pics seem to have been taken five minutes apart.

Strangely I can only find a few vague references online to Mr. Phelps wrestling career.

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…I would not be ashamed of my huge collection of shoes.

Ira North
“If I Were a Woman”
Eden Records

“If I Were Woman”:

 If I Were Woman

He died as a man.

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Just Send Money

Mike Murdock
“Cheap Salvation!”
Marantha Prod. #SS/No.1

Check this video.  Almost beyond belief.

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and again and again and again

Don Lonie
“Talks Again”
Word #W-3278

“Talks Again”:

Talks Again

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Hal Lindsey
“The 1980′s: Countdown to Armageddon”
no label gi

“The 1980s”:

 The 1980s

The 2010′s: Countdown to Armageddon

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