…and I sing it over…and over…and over…

Joe Atkinson
“I Have One Song”
Saber #1005

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I don’t get it

Jamall Badry
“Over My Head”
Word C-5097-LP

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Can I Get a YE? Can I Get a HAIL YE?!

The Wesleymen
“Hail Ye!”
Wesleymen Album 1

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This is my wife, Denise… She’s a little nuts

Jerry Duffer
“All of My Tomorrows”
Prestige #760117


OK, so what kind of tree is this?  Any help?

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Fiercely against Modernism

Charles Burpo
“Sings Hymns”
The Bible Institute #BI-785

From the back cover:

It is difficult for me to write about myself.  However, I will say that I am fiercely against Modernism, Communism, or any evil that will threaten my Country.  We do not pull any punches in our ministry.

About all I can say in conclusion is, that I want to ba a friend to every sinner, a blessing to every Christian and a terror to all evil.”


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Dale Rae Lundgren

Dale Rae Lundgren
“Our Disappointments are HIS Appointments”
Woodale Sacred Records

I took these pics of records from someone’s great collection at the MSP Music Expo in Minneapolis. I’m just now posting them! Of course I forgot the guy’s name who they belonged to, so if you see this send me an email so I can give you credit!

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From Night Clubs to Christ

Dr. Van Impe
“From Night Clubs to Christ”
Victory/Singcord #ZLP-785

From the Back Cover:

“Dr. Jack Van Impe had an unusual beginning in life, since his father was a night club entertainer who taught him to read music at the early age of four. He started accordion lessons at five and played in clubs by the time he was eight. After many years of being in this environment, he was converted and started to use the instrument for the service of the Lord.”

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God’s Parking Garage

John & Gary Smith
“From Show Business to God’s Business”
Redeemer #6002

The building in the background is Houston’s City Hall.

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It’s only a statue, Kenneth.

Kenneth Glover
“He Touched Me”

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where art thou?

Jack Brown
“The Amazing Grace of God”
Nor-Vel #70130

From the Back Cover:

During the thirty years that Jack was a dope addict his wife Pearl continued to pray for him. His amazing transformation will encourage other wives to be faithful to god and pray for their husbands who are ensnarled by sin, dope, and crime.

“Speaker: Jack Brown”:

Speaker: Jack Brown

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