You’re never alone when there’s mannequins.

Larry Voltz
“The Last Rainbow”
1981, no label

Larry is one of those “bedroom recording artists”…  A guy who seemingly wrote, performed, and recorded his album by himself in his room.  As you might imagine, interesting things – both good and bad – often result from having no one to tell you if your ideas are terrible or genius.  A BizarreRecord is sure to be the result!


“This album was written and recorded in my bedroom in Houston, Texas during the months of September through December of 1980 using Tascam 8-track equipment. 

Drum tracks supplied by Drum Drops, Woodland Hills, CA.

All other instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, Alembic bass, Arp Omni, Arp Avatar guitar synthesizer, all vocals, compositions, arrangements, concept, design, and production…….  Larry Voltz.”

I can’t find anything current about this guy.  I wonder if he’s still around?  Probably hanging around at Numbers (Houston people will understand) bitching about how much better the music was 30 years ago.


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King of the Tuba

Bill Bell
“And His Tuba”
Golden Crest #CR3015

From the back cover:

“There is no question that among musicians today William Bell would be enthroned as King of the Tuba.  So fantastic are his achievements on the instrument that the professionals who know and understand its difficulties shake their heads in wonder and amazement when they hear him play. ‘He plays it like it was a fiddle,’ one admiring musician said thinking of the lightness of touch and agility of fingering. ‘He plays it like a Franch Horn,’ a distinguished composed added, thinking of the brilliance of tone and the richness of range.

In an age in which superlatives have become suspect through over-usage it is difficult to find suitable words to describe a triumph of this kind. ”

Honking in heaven

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I feel this way myself sometimes

Nathan Woodruff
“This Is the Way I Feel”
Star Records # 09-0573-S

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aww, Freddie, I’ll be your friend…

Freddie Gage
“All My Friends are Dead”
Rainbow #2113

Dissin’ on Pagans.

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Next one’s on me

David Fleming
“One Drop of Wine in the Communion Glass”

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walkin’ the tracks

Joey Schmidt
“All Alone”
JoMar #1088

From the Back Cover:

“Napoleon, a small rural community in south-central North Dakota, is ‘home’ to a gifted young musician, Joey Schmidt. Although he is only 19 years old, Joey has enjoyed the honor all young (and old) musicians crave – two guest appearances on the nationally televised Lawrence Welk show.”

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multi-talented guy

Tom Wilson

“All-American Boy”
Aboveground #AR-102

Yes it’s Tom! See him do the dishes! Mow the lawn! Brush his teeth! Do his best imitation of a gay Borat!

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Music to Stalk Rich Girls By

Lee Amlin

“I Wanna Hold You”
Kali #WRCI-5521

Yep, that’s Lee on the keys, jammin’ some Santana:

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