tough love

John Gimenez
“Pick Up On This, Kid”
Word # 3456


From the liner notes:

“I was a stinkin’, filthy, no-good junkie, twisted out of my mind.  Up tight.  Bound by dope.  A chronic addict.  A chronic criminal.  A chronic liar.  There was no way out.  The doctors said it.  The narcos said it.  My family said it. 
It was my sister’s boyfriend who gave me my first taste of marijuana.  I was not quite ten at the time…  I was out of my mind!  I never forgot the beating I got when my father found out.  Man!  I was sick!… Kept throwing up, falling down, getting up…  laughing all the time my father was hitting me.”


watn2s1John was a member of the Addicts.

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I can haz armageddonz?

Rexella Van Impe
“Rexella Sings… Children’s Songs!”

Yes, It’s THAT Rexella, wife of televangelist Jack Van Impe.

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Stripping Santa

Six Million Dollar Man
“Hear 4 Exciting Christmas Adventures”
Peter Pan #8208

Track titles:
The Kris Kringle Caper
–Elves Revolt
–The Toymaker
–Christmas Lights

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I bet this guy drives a winowless van.

Harry Secombe
“Christmas Cheer”
Philips #BL 7747

With the angels

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Knocking out your tooth (decay)

Muhammad Ali
“Ali & His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay”
St. John’s Fruit & Vegetable Co.

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I choose Truth

Don Ray Williams
“I Dare You”
Bible Visual Aids #102-3 95

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The Original Papa Smurf

Geir Børresen og Smurfene
“I Smurfe-land”
dB #004
1978, Norway

Still Smurfy


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Vamos a la Escuela

“Vamos a la Escuela”
Orfeon #LP-16H

“Vamos a la Escuela”:

Vamos a la Escuela
Cepillin, aka Ricardo Gonzalez, was a popular TV clown in 1960′s Latin America. He started out as a kids’ dentist in Monterrey, Mexico. “Cepillin” translates roughly to “little toothbrush”.

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Sheltered in the Arms of Dickens

Fred Dickens
“Sheltered in the Arms of God”
Gospeltone #196

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Marcy Sings to Children

Little Marcy
“Marcy Sings to Children”
Zondervan #ZLP 664

“When Mr. Satan Knocks at My Heart’s Door”:

When Mr. Satan Knocks at My Heart’s Door

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