He only parks in the Inconvenienced parking spots

Gary Bradford
“I’m Not Handicapped, Just Inconvenienced”
Chime Records

Gary Does Ventriloquism


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ekstreme close-up

Erick w/ manipulator Beverly Massegee
“Pastor Pickin’”
Rainbow records

submitted by Dan Wagner  Thanks!

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Oops! There goes my sanity.

Jim & Tammy & Their Friends
“Oops! There Comes a Smile”
Singcord #ZLP 948

“God’s Not Dead”:


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Yes, let’s!

Paul and Mary Ritts
“Let’s Have a Puppet Show”
Harmony Columbia # HL 9547

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party record

Oscar Zamora y Don Chema
“On Tour…”
DLB #1052

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naughty puppet

Oscar Zamora y Don Chema

“El Padrecito”
DLB #1072

“El Padrecito” – excerpt:

El Padrecito – excerpt

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The perfect record for my next party

Oscar Zamora y Don Chema

“El Advino”
DLS #1065

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You’d be amazed what I vould believe

Rickie Layne’s Velvel

“Fairy Tales (for adults) You Vouldn’t Believe”
Venise #10028


I was wondering if you’re selling the Rickie Layne record? Actually, He’s my dad, and the copies we have (3),aren’t in great condition…Would you consider trading for an autographed 8×10 of him & Velvel?

Teri Layne

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow up on Teri’s offer. As much as I would like to have an autographed 8×10, I can’t bring myself to give up this record!

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Just add water

Jimmy Nelson featuring Danny O’Day & Farfel
“Instant Ventriloquism”
Juro #JCR 101


“Instant Ventriloquism – excerpt”:

Instant Ventriloquism – excerpt


See the attached photo. It’s me at 6 years old with my Danny O’Day doll. Danny and I never sang Christian songs, not growing up in a Christian household, I still don’t know any.


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too close for comfort

Erick, and His Manipulator Beverly Massegee

Rainbow #2199

From the Back Cover:

Beverly Massegee is not the typical preacher’s wife. But then, her husband, Charles Massegee, is not a typical preacher. Beverly is a former movie actress and Playboy circuit entertainer.

“Let the Sun Shine In”:

Let the Sun Shine In

OMIGOD. Beverly Massegee nee Oliver claims to be the freakin’ JFK ‘Babushka Lady‘!!!


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