Barroom Stories #3: fake barroom edition

“Whiskey Woman”
Country Kitchen #2010

The cover of Hickory’s album appears to have been taken at one of those old timey carnival shooting galleries (notice the fake bottles and colored targets).  Since the band is from Houston, it was probably at Astroworld.  (Aaaand, confirmation:)

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Barroom Stories #2, BBQ edition

Patsy Silver
“Roll Call”
1980. RLA Coastal #81480

I guess THIS is the place: Lou’s Saloon, Corpus Christi TX

And Patsy is leader of Western New York’s Hardest Rockingest band, Silver Xtreme! (WARNING! Hilariously Awesome Website!)

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Barroom Encounters #1: Cowboy edition

Gentle Ben featuring Sonja
“Barroom Stories”
Jewel #81063

This cover has it all.  Literally.  Rainbow suspenders, fringe vests covered in feathers, light beer, cheap cowboy hats, and a giant freaking head of hair.

It does fondly remind me of one of the BizarreRecords classics, however:

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