about BizarreRecords

This site is devoted to my collection of weird records.

I started collecting records many years ago. The problem was, there were so many other “collector nerds” where I lived that finding “good” records at thrift stores & garage sales was next to impossible. No matter how early I got to the sale, there was a bigger nerd who was there 15 minutes earlier and bought all the so-called “good” stuff.

I noticed that when a collector nerd looks through a box of old records at a thrift store, he will often pull out some 70′s religious disco exercise record, make some sort of witty remark about it’s lameness to his bored girlfriend, and toss it back while grumbling how you can’t find good records at thrift stores anymore. I began to notice that often these “rejects” were just as good as the more widely sought-after items. This is what I started to collect!

Some of these records are actually quite good musically, if one takes the time to listen. Though I admit there are a few here that one can accurately say, there is no POSSIBLE way this record will be worth listening to. Some are kind of funny for a minute or two. The majority are just “average”, not particularly good, but not laughably awful. Of course it’s those laughably awful records that are the real gems!

This site has been around in various incarnations since about 1996.  Many of these images have been downloaded, reposted, or emailed around the world.  A few have become internet “memes” of a sort.

Let me know what you think! I try to respond to all comments, but this site has become strangely popular over the years & I don’t always have time to respond to everybody. Feel free to send pictures of your finds. I’ll post the best stuff. However if you’re going to get mad if I don’t respond to you within a few days, maybe its best just not to write…

I have been amazed by the number of folks who have emailed me after seeing their own record on my page. They’re mostly nice about it, though there are a few who get inexplicably angry at me for being one of their few fans. It amazes me that my site is one of the few places on the internet with any documentation of these artists. On this new “blog-style” version of the site, I have added emails from the artists to the appropriate album page.