Stop the Demon Directed Damsel

Bob Harrington’s ‘Chaplain Of Bourbon Street’
“Ten Reasons Why Madalyn Murray O’Hair Must Be Stopped… ..and Ten Ways to Stop Her”
Chaplain Records #33

“May I share with you the experience that gave me the strength to take on this ‘demon directed damsel’.  I was in my study on Bourbon Street, meditating, studying, and praying one afternoon about this situation.  I had just gotten back from ten days of preaching across the country.  For a moment, I reclined my chair and dozed for what seemed like a long while.  (Let me quickly say I am not one who dreams in my sleep.)  During this time, I vividly saw the little boy, David, pick up that little bag of stones and head out to destroy the giant that was destroying his land and his people.  With that little stone and God guiding the flight of that stone, a nation and a people with victory once again became the nation and the people that God had intended.  Upon waking, I heard these strong-positive words, “Bob, you are my David in this day.  Your bag of stones, Bob is my word and your love for your God and your love for your country and it’s people.  My spirit will protect you–just as I protected David, and I will guide you and your people to victory.  It was there, at what was one of the closest moments to spend with the Son, and the Holy Ghost, that I said, ‘Lord, yes, I’ll be your David.’”

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