Nice watch!

Terry Ayres, “Love Music”, Carpathian #CA-7801

The Proposal

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Blinded By the Light

upliftersThe Uplifters, “Guided By the Footprints”, 1985, ECP # 2097

The other day I found The Uplifters & the Polston Family side by side at a thrift store and assumed at first it was the same visually challenged group…. but it was not.  A dig through the BizarreRecords archive turned up a few other groups from the time when giant glasses went hand in hand with giant hair.

polstonThe Polston Family, “Featuring ‘Well Glory’ and ‘The Singing Family’”, Alpha #7908-4

meritsThe Merits, “A Brand New Touch”, Rainbow #2506

The Roy Knight Singers, “Little David”, 1985, Supreme #SS 33042

HaganJ Judy Hagan, “For Those Tears I Died”, Benson Sound

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First World Problems

So as you may or may not have noticed. has been having some technical issues over the past few months affecting my ability to post and your ability to comment.  After many failed attempts to fix the problem, I finally restored a backup of the site and everything seems to be going swimmingly again.  But a few posts have disappeared, so sorry if you see a few repeats…


–Nick BizarreRecords


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