The Zara’s: International Show-Band

The Zara’s
“The Zara’s Hits”
Kerston #FKLP 65003

La Bamba


A later pic from the “pleather & porn-stache” days:

Toto Zara, then and now:

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  • Clive Louden Says:

    The Zara’s are a great show band. I have their record album autographed when I saw them 2 nights at Bitburg Air Base in Germany. I also saw them at nearby Hahn AB and 2 nights at Heidelberg Army club? My college roomate of 2 years was stationed there. They were booked to go to Las Vegas. They were from Spain and were brothers and sisters and one sister was married to the lead guitarist. The drummer was as good as Ventures, listen to Wipe Out. Wish there was a video. I can still visualize their act. One number had a whip and cigarette giving them a circus Vegas performance. They wrote their own songs.
    There were 2 other shows at the Bitburg AB NCO Club which were even bigger show stoppers! The 4 blonde Swedish girl band in 1967, which had Air Police security. This was before ABBA.
    In May1967, we had our biggest show ever when actress/singer Jayne Mansfield entertained the airmen at Bitburg AB which was on the frontline on the Luxembourg border. We had a 5 minute missile warning. Ms Mansfield gave me a revealing tabloid shot for my Instamatic camera when she leaned forward. I gave it to my Swedish American roomate from Oregon. I just found his phone number ZABA search and called him in February. He still has the photo! He was going to be a Catholic priest! He has 2 children.
    In June 1967, I drove my Swedish SAAB to Sweden to see the car and jet fighter factories. When in Stockholm I saw the newspaper headline JAYNE MANSFIELD TODT! I speak German and knew that meant DEAD. Her daughter Mariska Hagerty, the lead detective on Law and Order was in the backseat with her 2 brothers! The driver, Jayne and her boyfriend manager were killed in the front seat when their Electra went under the back of a Semi trailer truck stopped on the road in the fog. Today there is a steel bar on the rear of large semi trucks called a Mansfield bar. This gives some protection?
    Bitburg is where the cemetery President Reagan visited with Germany’s leader. They laid a memorial wreath and departed quickly. I never visited the cemetery. I did visit my mother’s father’s grave near Hameln about 20 miles from the Communist East German border. He died a year before I went to Bitburg. He is buried in the WW 1 section. He fought for the Kaiser on the Russian Front for 3 years. He did not like Hitler an Austrian. My waist length blonde haired Lutheran mother left Germany in January 1935 on a 6 month tourist visa. She was illegal for 6 years until she married my father in August 1941 in Amityville Long Island!
    Vladimir Putin has started the 2nd Cold War. Vladimir Lenin prophesied, “The Capitalists will sell us the rope we hang them with!” Wall Street pull the plug! Putin’s father’s father was Lenin’s cook and later cooked for Stalin! Does anyone read Wikipedia? Russia has a 13 per cent flat tax and more billionaires than America. I don’t want to fight another Cold War. America wake up appeasement will bring World War 3. God Bless America.

  • MrBill Says:

    A truly demented version of “Wipe Out”!

  • Jim Says:

    Sigh–singular possessive? Really?

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