Glory Gang

The Glory Gang
“Nice Guys Finish First”
BOC records #2040

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Smoking Jesus Weed

The Joint-Heirs
QCA Recording

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Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel

Jerry Barnard
“So High”
JB Productions #8201

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What about soccer??

All Sports Band
Radio Records / Atlantic #RR19321

Finally, here’s a record that reminds me of why I got into collecting bizarre records to begin with!  A completely fabricated, major-label group specifically designed to cash in on the 80′s teen fad of… sports.

All Sports Band

All the top American sports of the day are represented.  Car racing, from before car racers were rednecks.  Baseball, from the days when baseball players were skinny and doing coke instead of steroids.  Football, because he’s the black guy.  Boxing, because he’s not wearing a shirt.  And of course, karate, the king of all 1980′s sports.

Here’s a vid of Dick Clark talking with the band on American Bandstand.  Apparently the actual musical performance was just too valuable to post on Youtube.

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