I lo.. *cough*.. lo.. *cough*cough*.. love you, baby

The Jay Stevens Concert Orchestra
“Two Cigarettes In the Dark”
Tops #L1554

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The Economics of Nights Game

Clifford Fry
“For the Players Of Nights Game”

Dr. Clifford fry was an Economics professor at the University of Houston.  On the side he had a decent little country rock band, and apparently stayed up late playing “nights game” and getting drunk.

“Drunk Again”:

The last I can find, Dr. Fry and his band the Texas Medicine Band still play.   He has a few cd’s on Amazon

I even found a pic of him, his hat, and Ventures records from 2011:

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Yodeling For Jesus

Bobby Walker
“Gospel Organ featuring Yodeling for Jesus”
Gospel Music for Christ #GMC 901

From the liner notes:
“I’m in love with Jesus!  It’s just that simple.  Barbituates, amphetamines, booze, and pot, were replaced with the Holy Spirit.  I’m higher than I’ve ever been in my life.  Man, what a trip.  No joke, I get higher everyday and never worry about the inevitable crash that accompanies pills and the hard stuff.  Being an ex-night club entertainer, I’m hip to all the “junk”.  So I can speak authoritatively.”

“Yodeling For Jesus”:


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Cowboy Crusader

Ben Swett
“Riding the Range For Jesus”
Sacred Recordings, St. Paul, MN

“Riding the Range for Jesus”:


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Lockup of Love

John Gunter, the Singing Sheriff
“Captive Audience”
Captive Audience #0001

This guy was sheriff of Madison County, Indiana.

John Gunter, “Prisoner of My Heart”:


Apparently, the Singing Sheriff is still available to sing and speak at your event.

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