We tried those OTHER brands, but came back to Suave.

“Ratchell II”
Decca #DL7-5365

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  • ROGER Says:

    Eddie Van Halen
    No Clue
    Rocky Dennison
    Keith Hernandez

  • Stentor Says:

    The guy at the lower left looks like Eric Stoltz in a “Mask The Early Years” prequel.

  • bizrec Says:

    Wow, well, if you really do own what you show, then I think you have the only copy of Ratchell II I’ve seen since the 70′s.

    I went to school with Larry Byrom [ bottom-right on the R2 cover ] and lost track of him during his Steppenwolf days. But after hanging out in Colorado, he and the Couchois brothers, Ricky Risch and maybe one/two other part-timers brought Ratchell back to Huntsville for a summer.

    I’ve been trying to track down a copy — is Golden Cadillac on this album or the first?

    Alas, you may be right — listening to it today, the bloom may have fallen off the sound, yes/no?

    BTW, Larry wasn’t completely bad – you can catch him playing guitar/organ backup to Steve Winwood Yokohama concert from the 90′s on Youtube, for ex. here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCXCNtFov4w&feature=related on guitar and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3xKbDSim38&feature=related for organ.

    Regards – and thanks for an interesting web site,


  • Bink Says:

    They look more like Breck girls to me.

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