If I could go to any place and time, it would be to this show

Rodney Arias (with the Paradise Seranaders)
Silvercloud #1006

“After the Lovin’ (intro)”:

After the Lovin’ (intro)

From the Back Cover:

Rodney Arias deserves to be heard. A live recording is the quickest and most expedient method. It was impractical to bring all the necessary equipment to the Outrigger East Hotel, so the producers decided to reverse the procedure. They transported the club to the studio — chairs, tables, ash-trays, a mini-bar, and pupus were laid out.

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  • stuffiwrote Says:

    After reading your post on this around 7 years ago, I looked for this album on and off. Today I finally found a copy of it in Florida. Not only is it a pristine copy of the album, but it’s also been signed by Rodney and the entire band! The hard work searching for this gem of a curio paid off (after some 7 years!).

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