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Debbie Drake

“How To Keep Your Husband Happy”
Epic #BN 26106

From the Back Cover:
Checklist for keeping your husband happy:
1. Firm and graceful body.
2. Be at home when he arrives. (If you must work, try to arrange it so you’re home first.)
3. Clothes, sexy – for your evenings home.
4. Be interested in him and the things he does.
5. A good conversationalist.
6. A bright smile over morning coffee.
7. Nice voice (keep it soft and musical; also a pretty laugh.)
8. Excess fat (taboo).
9. Well-set hair (brushed and clean).
10. Mentally alert (try reading).
11. Pin-curls (if they are a must, pin up after the lights are out and wear a bed cap.)
12. Perfume – just for him, when he’s home.
13. A regular manucure.
14. A weekly pedicure.

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