Speeding gospel light to those in darkness

Talmage Butler, the Flying Preacher
“Beams of Mercy”

I can’t find a good link, but apparently Mr. Butler and his plane disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle!  Maybe he was bringing gospel light to the aliens?

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This is my wife, Denise… She’s a little nuts

Jerry Duffer
“All of My Tomorrows”
Prestige #760117


OK, so what kind of tree is this?  Any help?

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That how she rolls

The Fuller Family
“A Little Crippled Girl’s Prayer”

From the back cover:

“To be asked to write about Marsha Fuller on her album is an easy task.  She is an inspiration to all who know her.  It was mainly Marsha’s song (The Cripple Girl’s Prayer) that inspired our recent Easter Telethon for the crippled children at the Cardinal Hill Hospital.  She served on the Telethon many long hours; on the telephone as moderator, and of course, singing….  One tiny 13-year-old girl, full of laughter, small in body, unable to walk, with a voice so mighty that in the quiet times looking into her face — you see God.

–June Rollings, WKYT-TV, Lexington, Kentucky”

Someone pay for the article and let me know

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High seas shenanigans

The U.S. Air Force Airmen of Note
“Bone Voyage”
USAF Dept. of Public Affairs

Still boning

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Fiercely against Modernism

Charles Burpo
“Sings Hymns”
The Bible Institute #BI-785

From the back cover:

It is difficult for me to write about myself.  However, I will say that I am fiercely against Modernism, Communism, or any evil that will threaten my Country.  We do not pull any punches in our ministry.

About all I can say in conclusion is, that I want to ba a friend to every sinner, a blessing to every Christian and a terror to all evil.”


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cabeza de globo gigante

Edmundo Rivero
“El Gran Cantante Argentino de Tangos”
Tropical records

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more viewer submissions

More viewer submitted covers!

Lino Teixeira
Henda Records

submitted by: Francisco P.

“Quoi ma Gueule!”

submitted by: Francisco P.

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Words time forgot vol. 1: Zounds!

Dean Elliott and his Swinging Big, Big Band
“Zounds! What Sounds!”
Capitol records

submitted by: Jeff K.

The Polyphonics
“Zounds!  What Sounds”
Seeco records

source:  unknown

From Merriam-Webster:

  • Entry: zounds
  • Pronunciation: \ˈzau̇n(d)z, ˈzün(d)z, ˈzwau̇n(d)z, ˈzwün(d)z\
  • Function: interjection
  • Etymology: euphemism for God’s wounds
  • Date: 1592
  • —used as a mild oath

God’s Wounds, indeed…

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Worst Metal Band Photos vol. 1: Norway

Repost from old blog:

BizarreRecords’ Worst Metal Band Photos vol. 1: Norway

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