False Advertising!!!

original post: False Advertising!!!

“Budget Labels” were known to capitalize on any craze, be it a dance, sound, or star. Recently I went through by budget collection to find a certain kind of budget record – those with fake or misleading names.

Check out “Enchanted Strings” by David Rose, legendary bandleader and writer of “The Stripper”. Or is it? A closer look reveals the record is actually by The Stradivari Strings (“one of Europe’s finest pop string orchestras” , AKA a collection of anonymous, underpaid studio musicians.) The back cover reveals that “Davis Rose, himself, has selected the songs.” Probably written on a napkin at a cocktail-bar meetup with the label owner. (Spin-O-Rama #S 103)

“Kentonality” seeks to capitalize on the progressive jazz craze of the 1950s, featuring “compositions” by Stan Kenton, Peter Rugolo, and others. Unfortunately, Stan and Pete were unavailable for the record – you’ll have to settle for The Francis Bay orchestra. At least this record gives us some real info about the performers. (Omega # OSL 27)

If the organ stylings of Ken Griffin are more your thing, you’d be tempted to pick up “Cocktail Time”. After all, it is in the “Ken Griffin Style”. Of course you have to read the fine print to discover that it’s actually recorded by one “Ashley Tappen”. (Somerset SF-27500)

At least the above artists got a shout-out on the record. “A Tribute to Hank Williams” does not even give us the name of the lonely honky-tonkers performing on the record. (International Artists AK-195)

Likewise with the not-quite-the-Beatles “That English Sound”. (Modern Sound MS 552)

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