Honey, you’re burning the wine

Tim and Pauline Smith

“Love Like Never Before”
Talent Power #3515



While Googling some friends from long ago, Tim and Pauline Smith, the only hit was your web page with their album cover. In the 1980s, Tim and Pauline, who lived in Bonita Springs, Florida, used to play a yearly gig at a club in Titusville. They were very personable and quite good musicians, drawing a loyal crowd.
They literally invested their life savings to hire the best Nashville studio musicians they could afford for Love Like Never Before. It got some air in South Carolina, I understand, but not much elsewhere. They gave it their best shot, though. I bought the first copy, and they autographed the cover for me. I still have it.
Not long afterwards, the club burned, and Tim and Pauline didn’t come back to Titusville. They are good people; I wish them well.

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mi hogar es su hogar

Profesor Federico Vellanoweth
“Gimnasia en su Hogar”
discos CBS (Mexico) #HL-8153

“Gimnasia en su Hogar” (excerpt)


For some reason, I’ve had a deluge of emails about this exercise record from Mexico. What’s the deal? Here’s just a few:

Hi There, my name is Luis and we have been tasked to find an album from Profesor Federico Vellanoweth. I see in your site that there is an album called “Gimnasia en Su Hogar”. We are looking for a part called “Ejercicio 7″ and was wondering if it is in the Album “Gimnasia en Su Hogar”. Can you please let us know? Also, if it is possible could you give us information on the Label that put the album out and year.
– Luis

Hi My name is Alin, I’m live in Mexico, Guadalajara. How can I obtain one copy of your disc?”Gimnasia en su Hogar”. Because I need replace this disc for my mother. I broke one a few days ago. So, I like that you answer my question or tell me if I can buy this thing in another site. Thank you.Note: I’m not very well with English Language. Sorry

I am looking for more information about a record that you have called Professor Vellanoweth…… Who do I have to contact to get more information such as who owns the masters for this disk…..what label is putting it out ect……

I’m wondering if you have any information on where I can obtain any Vellanoweth exercise records that you have posted on your web site. Thanks in advance.
– Dagoberto

I wonder if u can sell me in mp3 format the one called Federico Vellanoweth,u only have 40 seconds, thanks please write me back.Cause my mother when she was young she make excersice with it, and now she told me if i can find a copy she wants to make excersice with it.
– Rosario

Don’t ask me why but I was looking for the origins of the Vellanoweth last name and I found your site.
The reason people ask you about this record ‘Gimnasia en su hogar’ is because the band Kinky sampled Ejercicio 7 for once of their songs included in their first album(released in 2001 I think). Hope it helps.
– Jorge


I had to laugh at your remark on the mail you’ve received from Mexico about the Vellanoweth record. Let me explain. Way long before exercise became the industry it’s become, they showed this exercise program on Mexico City TV, in the 60s (black and white TV), and many of our mothers worked out to it. Interestingly, many of the routines this Vellanoweth guy had are now used in Pilates. Since there was no commercialism, the record you have is quite the little jewel, as I doubt there are many of them around.
– G. Feher, Mexico City

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lines & curves


Debbie Drake w/Noel Regney & his orchestra
“Feel Good! Look Great!”
Epic #LN 24034

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