something smells fishy

Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band

“Trout Mask Replica”
Straight #STS 1053

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monkey on a string

Bent Fabric

“Organ Grinder’s Swing”
ATCO #33-164

Still grinding! Check out his entry into the realm of modern rock:

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you’re welcome

Mike Adkins

“Thank You For the Dove”
MA #1061

I hope this guy doesn’t work for the “distress cry” company…

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Kermit will love it

Miss Piggy
“Aerobique Exercise Workout Album”
Warner Bros. #23717-1

From the Back Cover:

“Many People come up to moi, out of le bleu, to inquire how moi manages to remain so slimme and trimme in spite of moi’s busy, demanding life as an international superstar. How is it, they wondeur, that I can possess such a fabulous physique, what with all the lavish brunches in ritzie hotels with moi’s frog… the glamorous garden parties with those teensy sandwiches with the crusts cut off… Surely, they insist (people do get a little pushy sometimes), surely moi must have a secret.”

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a perfect 10

Mary Lou Retton
“ABC Funfit”
1985, CBS #B6Z40161

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The Thighs of Texas

Irlene Mandrell
Panda Productions #1002

Selected track titles:
Thighs of Texas
Saddle Bag Stomp
the Pecos Pull


A friend saw Texersize on your site and emailed it to me. I produced that album. It seems to be in good company with the other selections you have in that category. It was fun to make and is fun to listen to and participate with. BTW there are some fantastic and famous Texas musicians performing on this album. Texersize, the exercise of Texas!

Andy Murphy
Panda Productions Austin, Texas

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lines & curves


Debbie Drake w/Noel Regney & his orchestra
“Feel Good! Look Great!”
Epic #LN 24034

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I was finished in 2.

“:20 Minute Workout”
Ronco #RTV2007

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