This is my wife, Denise… She’s a little nuts

Jerry Duffer
“All of My Tomorrows”
Prestige #760117

OK, so what kind of tree is this?  Any help?

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If you’re going to have a heart attack at a concert, this is the one

The Heartbeats
“Presenting, The Heartbeats”
Medical Classics #1001

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deep throat

Lackland Air Force Base
“Airman!! USAF Basic Training in Sound”
Documentary Recordings #803

“Recruits tell what’s hardest about basic training, what they miss most, and how it changes them”:

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lesson: beware of dynamite caps

Roy Thackerson
“Fingerless Fiddler”
Ovella “volumn 1″(sic)

From the Back Cover:

If you have never met Roy or listened to him play his fiddle you have certainly missed out on a real treat. He is amazing. As you may not know, he lost his fingers when a dynamite cap exploded in his hand, destroying his fingers and doing great bodily damage. This did not destroy his desire and determination to play the fiddle.

–Roy Acuff


I typed in my name and I not only found my website, but saw my album cover in your collection of ‘Collectible Records.’ I lived in a time when children were “cruel” and laughed and made fun of other children with deformities or handicaps. Society has changed, Thank God, toward any person with a disability or handicap.

I lost the fingers on my left hand and the sight in my left eye, at the age of 5, when a dynamite cap blew up in my hand. Nothing but the grace of God let me live. I was a pretty hard-headed kid and was determinded to let nothing stop me from doing whatever it is that I chose to do. My entire family was musically inclined, so I decided I did not want to be left out of our family musicals. Many dedicated hours were spent on my guitar.

It was only at the age of 30 that I decided I could play the fiddle and my ‘good friends’ told me, ‘you can’t play the fiddle, you’re fingerless!’ After 5 years of learning to play the fiddle, I became ‘The Fingerless Fiddler.’

Now, at 65 years of age, I am still playing my guitar and entering many flat top picking contest. I also play the fiddle in many fiddle contests and judge at State Fiddle Championships. I am also booked for various events as special entertainer thoughout the United States.

May God Bless You and Your Site………

Roy Thackerson, The Fingerless Fiddler

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Different: a First Unmatched Opportunity

The Mexia State School
Sunshine Group

“Sings” aka “Extraordinary Unusual Original Dedicated to the Glory of God and to the Work and Study of Mental Retardation Different: a First Unmatched Opportunity”
Century #29187

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the pictures NASA doesn’t want you to see

Little Joe & the Latinaires
“Mas!!! Arriba”
Buena Suerte #1011

Winning Grammys

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sorry, we don’t take czechs

The H.O.T. Czechs
“Goin’ Bankin’”
Farmer’s State Bank
Round Rock, TX

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Is There Really a Curse on the Kennedy Family?

Jimmy Swaggart
“What Shall the End Be? Is There Really a Curse on the Kennedy Family?”

“What Shall the End Be?”:
What Shall the End Be?

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Who won?

Tommy Phelps
“I Wrestled With God”
Rainbow #2045

“Conversion Testimony”:

Conversion Testimony

What I’ve always thought was hilarious about this cover is the fact that the BEFORE and AFTER pics seem to have been taken five minutes apart.

Strangely I can only find a few vague references online to Mr. Phelps wrestling career.

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Hey Baby Doll / Let’s Elope

Carlos Moreno y ‘La Semilla’
“Hello Baby Doll / Let’s Elope”
1983, House of Falcon

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