Glory Gang

The Glory Gang
“Nice Guys Finish First”
BOC records #2040

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What about soccer??

All Sports Band
Radio Records / Atlantic #RR19321

Finally, here’s a record that reminds me of why I got into collecting bizarre records to begin with!  A completely fabricated, major-label group specifically designed to cash in on the 80′s teen fad of… sports.

All Sports Band

All the top American sports of the day are represented.  Car racing, from before car racers were rednecks.  Baseball, from the days when baseball players were skinny and doing coke instead of steroids.  Football, because he’s the black guy.  Boxing, because he’s not wearing a shirt.  And of course, karate, the king of all 1980′s sports.

Here’s a vid of Dick Clark talking with the band on American Bandstand.  Apparently the actual musical performance was just too valuable to post on Youtube.

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Advice for Swingers

Bob Rosburg
“Hear How to Improve Your Golf”
Carlton Hear How #15

Bob Rosburg became a commentator for ABC Sports and pioneered the concept of the “roving reporter” during golf coverage.  Unfortunately, he was unable to pioneer making television golf coverage any less dull.

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Spare Me

Billy Golembiewski
“HEAR HOW  to be a Better Bowler”
Carlton Hear How # 13

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As good at the organ as he was with balls

Denny McLain
“At the Organ:  The Detroit Tigers Superstar Swings with Today’s Hits”
Capitol records

submitted by: Gary H.

What I like about this record is that the guy actually plays on  it, unlike many other “sports” records that have the star on the cover but other people’s music within.

McClain’s baseball career was short but eventful.  Although he won the Cy Young Award, was named the AL Most Valuable Player, and pitched in the World Series, all in 1968, he suffered from a series of injuries and scandals.  From wikipedia:

“Sports Illustrated reported that a foot injury suffered by McLain late in 1967 had been caused by an organized crime figure stomping on it for McLain’s failure to pay off on a bet. McLain missed six starts because of this injury, coming back to pitch and lose the Tigers’ final game of the season against the California Angels, which cost his team the 1967 pennant. McLain’s story of what caused the injury kept changing: on various occasions, he claimed that he had kicked his locker after a particularly disappointing start; fallen asleep watching television, then wrenched his toes against some furniture when he woke up in the dark; kicked some garbage cans being ‘terrorized’ by squirrels; and fallen into a manhole while being chased by a pack of wild dogs.”  It goes on from there…

Took a wrong turn at Cracker Barrel

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The Jock Strapp Ensemble
Why Was He Born So Beautiful and other traditional Rugby Songs”
Sportsdisc #ILP-1009

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a low-fat alternative to your regular preacher

George Foreman
“Thank You Jesus!”
1980, ALA records

From the Back Cover:

“This live recording, done on December 17 & 18, 1979 has captured the energy and vitality of George Foreman preaching in the streets of Houston, Texas. On these two nights in biting 25 degree weather – one night in a white neighborhood and one night in a black low income housing complex, George carried his message to the people. On the first night, as we left George’s home in a small town just outside of Houston he said to me, “I have to quit at 9:00 PM because I had a dream that the police will show up.” Low and behold [sic], at exactly 9:00 PM a group of 20 police approached and disconnected the power to the sign which lets passersby know that this is George Foreman. It was truly amazing.”

Sellin’ everybody grillz

Sellin’ everybody grillz


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man of many talents, vests

Terry Bradshaw
“Until You”
Benson # R3702

“Until You”:

Until You

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Knocking out your tooth (decay)

Muhammad Ali
“Ali & His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay”
St. John’s Fruit & Vegetable Co.

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reject street gang from The Warriors?

EMI Svenska #C 062-35345
1976, Sweden

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