The Zara’s: International Show-Band

The Zara’s
“The Zara’s Hits”
Kerston #FKLP 65003

La Bamba


A later pic from the “pleather & porn-stache” days:

Toto Zara, then and now:

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Licking the Keys

Eddie Baxter
“The Tasty Touch”
Rendezvous # M-1308

“The album title is an expression borrowed from KPOL’s ‘Man About Midnight’, Mark Dunhill.  He has often used the phrase to describe Eddie’s records and you are sure to agree that the Baxter touch is ‘THE TASTY TOUCH’”


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Banjos in Spaaaaaaaaaaccccce!

Skip DeVol
cover art: Pat Lazelle-Sweeney
1978, Artco records #70-1156

“A Message to Disbelievers:  The Speeds of Certain Tunes On This Album Are The Speeds They Are Actually Played”

Check out Skip doing the Star Wars theme:


Died 2011

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Before PSY there was…

“CABOOM presents a Saturday Night With PY”
Clark Air Force Base Officers Club
Victor Japan #SPEC-007

From the liner notes:  “That’s what you’ll find in this album; many memories of pleasant and relaxed evenings you spent at CABOOM, listening and dancing to “PY ” and his band.  There are many clubs in the Air Force, all offering their own brand of entertainment.  Very few however can offer oustanding quality of music available to Clark Air Base Officers Open Mess members and their guests.  The reason….. Pacifico Young and his 17-piece “Big Band” sound, including those forever delightful vocalists, Connie Lopez and Cil Castro.  These three headliners are the best to be found anywhere.

A word about the music on this album…..  It combines that infectious local rhythm with a true American sound.  The songs ring of happiness, sadness, and vivaciousness.  Most of all they ring of the unique “PY” styling that will once again bring you back to the CABOOM.  Who can forget “Yellow Bird” or “The Cure” as Connie and Cil do it.  “On Top Of Old Angeles” will sound a familiar cord [sic] to those who will dare to remember.”




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Uh oh… Better get Maaco.

Tommy Ellison
“Let This Be a Lesson To You (Drunk Driver)”
1985, Atlanta International Record Co., #AIR-10086

Died 2009

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The Demon Possessed Boy

T. L. Osborn
“The Demon Possessed Boy”
Osborn Foundation #R33-HT

The Demon Possessed Boy (edit/excerpt)

Died in February.

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2 from Just Us 2

Just Us 2
(Phyllis & Bryan Barnes)
Lost Creek # 74-7

Jive Talkin

Help Me Rhonda

Just Us 2
Lost Creek # JU2


Ahab the Arab

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Need Lithium, stat.

Kaye Ballard
“Boo Hoo – Ha Ha”
United Artists UAL 3165

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Jonah, the Whale, and some Dirty Hippies

Bob Curlee & Ken Flowers
“Jonah & the Whale”
1970, Jonah Records

“JONAH AND THE WHALE washed up on the Panama City Beach in June of 1970 — and another miracle took place.  Armed with nothing but faith and a guitar — the cast set up a stage across from the Miracle Strip Amusement Park and presented the happy-go-lucky musical five nights a week.”

band 2

Swaller Song

Check his site for the full musical

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new vibrations

Tedd Smith with Ralph Carmichael & the Young People
“New Vibrations: a QUEST in folk rock”
Light/Word #LS-5561-LP

From the liner notes:

“I have written NEW VIBRATIONS with the intention of having it presented as a staged musical in churches, concert halls, high school auditoriums, etc.  The work presents two singers, a boy and a girl, asking each other questions, and sometimes offering possible answers, to the meaning of life.  The quest takes place through the medium of music and poetry.  The musical portion uses the two singers plus a chorus and folk-rock oriented instrumental group.  I have written the poetry as a sort of reflective introduction to each piece of music.

The work begins with the two characters hearing the sounds of life today and wondering what it’s all about.  Why is life?  A conversational quest develops through youth, marriage, parenthood, old age and comes full circle to the couple’s son who has the same questions.

It is my hope that NEW VIBRATIONS offers some shafts of light to the timeless quest that each has for the meaning of life.”

Slices of Today

New Vibrations

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