Banjos in Spaaaaaaaaaaccccce!

Skip DeVol
cover art: Pat Lazelle-Sweeney
1978, Artco records #70-1156

“A Message to Disbelievers:  The Speeds of Certain Tunes On This Album Are The Speeds They Are Actually Played”

Check out Skip doing the Star Wars theme:


Died 2011

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Outer Space Gospel

Howard Lovett
“Gospel Ship”
Love Shares #107

“Gospel Ship”:

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Kiss meets Kraftwerk

“On the Road Again”
Tom n’ Jerry # 4704

“Sci-Fi Boogie”:

Sci-Fi Boogie

Dans l’espace

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the pictures NASA doesn’t want you to see

Little Joe & the Latinaires
“Mas!!! Arriba”
Buena Suerte #1011

Winning Grammys

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attack of the spirograph

The Jay Gordon Concert Orchestra
“Music From Another World”
Tops #L1552

From the Back Cover:

“Jet-propulsion, man-made satellites, rockets to the moon — all bring us within the reach of another world! With new vistas, new horizons to explore come new musical experiences such as this thrilling newly-released album! If you are seeking a new adventure in music, let this mystical, exciting compilation of scintillating tunes carry you right out of this world!”

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I can explode this pimple from across the room

Uri Geller

“Uri Geller”
1974, Polydor (Germany) #2371510

“Velvet Space”:

Velvet Space

There’s an App for that…

From the Back Cover:

“Since Uri Geller stepped into the limelight his name, like no other before him, has created either fervent admiration or violent controversies. Scientists of renowned research institutes and universities have now, after exhaustive and extensive tests, come to the following conclusion: There is not a shadow of a doubt that Uri Geller has in fact an extraordinary mental ability, the power of which scientists have neither been able to fathom out nor grasp the extent of its meaning.”

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up, up and away

Dr. John Furbay: Jet Age Circuit Rider
“The Sky’s the Limit”

“The Sky’s the Limit (excerpt):

The Sky’s the Limit

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Challenger, go with throttle up.

Vic Cionetti
“Lift Off!”
Artena #4208

in orbit

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