Psycho lady in bushes wants you to come listen to Stephen Foster

Bill St. Clair
“Stephen Foster Favorites”
Parade # SP327

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so much more

Allene Pippen
“More, So Much More”

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Washing away the debris of daily living

Eleanor Arrechea
“From the Heart of Eleanor”
Praise Custom #140

From the Back Cover:

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Denise Power and mini-Denise Power

Denise Power
Century Records

I took these pics of records from someone’s great collection at the MSP Music Expo in Minneapolis. I’m just now posting them! Of course I forgot the guy’s name who they belonged to, so if you see this send me an email so I can give you credit!

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Love the monogrammed shades

Terri Gibbs
“I’m A Lady”

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you can’t handle the truthettes

The Truthettes
“Every Step of the Way”
Malaco #4421

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woo hoo!

Marijane Maricle & Charles Baker
“Be Joyful”
RVM records

From the Back Cover:

“O, worse than death indeed!
Lead me, ye guards,
To the rack or to the flames;
I’ll thank your gracious mercy.”

–Handel, Angels Ever Bright And Fair

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white bread

Vicki Jamison
“He’s More Than Enough”
Only Believe Inc.

Died in 2008.

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Violet Cohn
“More from Violet Cohn”
Stereorama Studios
photo by Bob & Iris Faulkner


To whom it may concern: I know you may think that this site is funny, but the people you are making fun of do have relatives. In regards to Violet Cohn, that happens to be my great grandmother and I consider it extremely rude for you to make a comment about how the picture was taken. You have no clue to as when that picture was made and the resources that were available to them at that time. If you have nothing better to do than make fun of people you do not even know than I feel extremely sorry for you. Maybe you should consider looking at your own life and try to figure out why you would do something like that.


I wrote back to Wendy apologizing for any insult. However I couldn’t help but point out that since my page is THE ONLY reference to Violet Cohn and her recordings on the entire internet, perhaps she should appreciate my unique efforts in keeping the memory of her grandmother’s music alive. I also offered to purchase any other of Mrs. Cohn’s records if any were available. I didn’t hear back from her. –BR

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Tami in white

Tami Savella
Revivaltime Media Ministries #3789

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