No, Apple, you did not invent the word “App”

Jack Benny and Friends
“Music to Write Apps By”
1960, State Farm Insurance Records #L8OP0956

Yes, people were using “apps” as an abbreviation for “applications” at least 50 years ago… as they were being driven around town in model-T’s by their negro chauffeurs.


one for the ladies

The Somerset Strings
“Music For Washing and Ironing”
Epic records

Apparently Hubby never saw this commercial:


side 2 was rarely played

“Bald” Bill Hagan and his Trocaderons
“Music to Strip By”

submitted  by Charles B.


Music to Be Murdered By

Alfred Hitchcock
“Presents Music to be Murdered By”
Imperial #9052

From the Back Cover:

“These days a murder is amusing for the onlookers and the murderer but no one thinks of making things pleasant for the victim. He may be a tiresome bore but he is still rather essential and is entitled to some consideration. Music, I feel, will heighten his appreciation and make his own murder the truly ennobling experience it should be.”

Intro – Side 1:

Intro – Side 1

Intro – Side 2:

Intro – Side 2


Bathroom Baritones & Bathing Beauties

Various Artists
“Music for Bathroom Baritones and Bathing Beauties”
American Standard, Plumbing & Heating div.

From the Back Cover:

“Today, the tempo has quickened, the pace has been stepped up. We live in an age of specialization … a specialization that has carried over into the field of music. We have music to dine by, to wine by, to sleep by, to weep by, to fly by and to buy by…. That’s why it’s fitting that American Standard — the world’s best known maker of quality plumbing fixtures — and RCA Victor have united to fill in one gap.”


Music to Break Any Mood

Dick Schory’s New Percussion Ensemble
“Music to Break Any Mood”
RCA LSP-2125

From the Back Cover:

“The fact is, this is an album which can establish or shatter (as you wish) a great gamut of moods — for yourself or an expendable friend. It’s especially good for getting rid of wholesome guests or keeping incorrigibles entertained. And it’s all done with new percussion sounds: some soft and caressing, others big and wild. Instruments include virtually anything which can be stroked, plucked, poked or banged. Some, in the trade, have called this America’s first bang-along record. We earnestly hop it won’t start a movement of proportions similar to the recent sing-along fad.”


Music to Grow Plants

George Milstein
“Music to Grow Plants”
ESC records #121

This record has lots of enclosures, including this booklet and even a packet of seeds!


Work or Study

The Melachrino Orchestra
“Music to Work or Study By”
RCA Victor #LPM-1029


Music to Help You Sleep… Until you have to get up to turn the record

The Melachrino Orchestra
“Music to Help You Sleep”
RCA Victor #LPM-1006


Music For Daydreaming

The Melachrino Orchestra
“Music for Daydreaming”
RCA Victor #LPM-1028