Goin’ Places like: tux rental shop, limo rental shop, plane rental shop, girl rental shop…

executives The Executives
“Goin’ Places”
Executive # 301

From the liner notes:  “The first thing you notice is the incredible number of instruments on the stage.  Could they possibly use them all?  No way.  Nobody could be that versatile. that talented you say.  But as soon as they step on stage, you know that you’ve underestimated them.  The way they look, the way they act tells you that the Executives are professionals.  They are in charge.  The show starts and for the next hour or so you become involved.  Your emotions are touched.  You laugh, you listen, and you’re moved… because the Executives deliver.

It’s always over too soon and before you know it you’re walking out into the night to your car.  On the way home you try to pick out your favorite number, your favorite joke, your favorite moment.  And it’s not easy to decide.  It isn’t until later, until after you’re home that you discover you’ve been changed a little.  From now on it’s just going to take more to entertain you.  A little extra to reach you.  Because you’ve been spoiled.  You’ve been to see the Executives.”

Don Reo (note: Mr. Reo was the first comedy partner of comedian Slappy White.  He then worked as writer on the JIMMY DURANTE PRESENTS THE LENNON SISTERS SHOW.  Mr. Reo currently writes for T.V.’s LAUGH – IN.)


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Orange you glad that’s not your car

Keith Williams
“On Our Way”
Valon #1006


I Left My Heart in San Francisco

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Before PSY there was…

“CABOOM presents a Saturday Night With PY”
Clark Air Force Base Officers Club
Victor Japan #SPEC-007

From the liner notes:  “That’s what you’ll find in this album; many memories of pleasant and relaxed evenings you spent at CABOOM, listening and dancing to “PY ” and his band.  There are many clubs in the Air Force, all offering their own brand of entertainment.  Very few however can offer oustanding quality of music available to Clark Air Base Officers Open Mess members and their guests.  The reason….. Pacifico Young and his 17-piece “Big Band” sound, including those forever delightful vocalists, Connie Lopez and Cil Castro.  These three headliners are the best to be found anywhere.

A word about the music on this album…..  It combines that infectious local rhythm with a true American sound.  The songs ring of happiness, sadness, and vivaciousness.  Most of all they ring of the unique “PY” styling that will once again bring you back to the CABOOM.  Who can forget “Yellow Bird” or “The Cure” as Connie and Cil do it.  “On Top Of Old Angeles” will sound a familiar cord [sic] to those who will dare to remember.”




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2 from Just Us 2

Just Us 2
(Phyllis & Bryan Barnes)
Lost Creek # 74-7

Jive Talkin

Help Me Rhonda

Just Us 2
Lost Creek # JU2


Ahab the Arab

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The Economics of Nights Game

Clifford Fry
“For the Players Of Nights Game”

Dr. Clifford fry was an Economics professor at the University of Houston.  On the side he had a decent little country rock band, and apparently stayed up late playing “nights game” and getting drunk.

“Drunk Again”:

The last I can find, Dr. Fry and his band the Texas Medicine Band still play.   He has a few cd’s on Amazon

I even found a pic of him, his hat, and Ventures records from 2011:

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Devil in Disguise

Sun-1012, 1979

Jimmy Ellis aka Orion was the most successful Elvis impersonator (who claimed not to be an Elvis impersonator) of all time.

For years Ellis tried to make a career as a country singer, but his voice and manor were so similar to Elvis’ that he was dismissed as an imitator.  His voice and appearance apparently caused enough confusion  that fans thought he might actually be The King himself performing. One of his early singles was titled, “I’m Not Trying To Be Elvis”.

from www.orionjimmyellis.com

After Elvis’ death, he finally stopped resisting the comparisons and developed the “Orion” persona, named after the title character of a book about a rock star who fakes his own death.  Orion’s ultimate coup was getting signed to Sun Records, Elvis’ original label, for his first album. As one might expect, many fans apparently believed that Orion actually was Elvis Presley.

Orion released several albums in the early 80′s and even had a few charting singles.  He then quit the Orion/Elvis charade until the early 1990′s, when he released several more records.  He died in 1998, when he was gunned down in a robbery of his convenience store in Selma, Alabama.

TV interview with Orion: http://youtu.be/niLmJGgtVVI

Official Web Page:  http://www.orionjimmyellis.com/

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Bestill my beating head

Randy Mayfield
“Listen With Your Heart”
Benson Sound #672

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Welcome to Santa’s Lap

Ann Guest Moore
“Welcome to the World of Ann Guest Moore”
1986, Wil-Mor Inc.

What The World Needs Now

What The World Needs Now

The Christmas Song

The Christmas Song

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music to stuff your face by

The Town & Country Trio
“At Shakey’s Pizza Parlor”
AZZIP 1001

From the Back cover:

“A lot has been said about The Town & Country Trio, and there’s a lot more to be said about them.  Their popularity has grown enormously at Shakey’s (R) Pizza Parlors.  They are currently riding the crest of a great popularity demand at Shakey’s (R) on Spencer Highway.  There is a triumphant atmosphere surrounding the Trio today.”

No longer in Texas, sadly…

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Peoria City Limits

Tony Scotti
“Starring Tony Scotti”
Liberty #LST-7588
Design: Gabor Halmos
Photography: John Engstead

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