Come for the blintzes, stay for the Booty Shirts

Steve Fortgang
“The #1 Bar Mitzvah Band”

From the liner notes:

“The STEVE FORTGANG Entertaining Orchestra has become the #1 Bar Mitzvah Band in South Florida probably because they enjoy what they do… They thrive on making your party a success!  The band is outrageous and their “good-time” attitude is contagious!  Perhaps Steve is #1 because of the many “Specialty Dances” and “Contests” he MC’s, and the hit records, albums and Booty Shirts that are awarded to the kids as prizes.”

Steve Fortgang, “Maniac”:

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Vikings for Jesus

Eric Van Camp
“Grafted In”
Jews For Jesus H-1005

The Jews for Jesus have always confused me ever since I started collecting Christian records.  This cover does nothing to reduce that confusion…

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In a Pita for some reason


“In A Pita”
1974, Hed-Arzi #BAN 14419

The band is now called Kaveret.  I like Poogy better.  They also shut down their biggest fan’s website.

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