knock knock knock

Carl Hatch
“Soul Winning: Effective Demonstration”

“Soul Winning Demonstration”:

Soul Winning Demonstration

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And that’s… the rest of the story.

Paul Harvey
“The Uncommon Man”
Word #3184

“Not All Men are Created Equal”:

“Not All Men are Created Equal

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Closing the Sale

J. Douglas Edwards
“13 Effective Methods for Closing the Sale”
Jay #10056

“The Basic Close”:

The Basic Close

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Look at the Baloneys on that Chicken Choker

“Everything You Need to Know to Operate a CB Radio”
Gateway #GSLP-4500

From the Back Cover:

CHICKEN CHOKER – Poultry truck
HARVEY WALLBANGER – Reckless driver
MERCY SAKES – In place of a 4 letter word
PIDADDLE – Car with one headlight
WILLIE WEAVER – Drunk driver

“No Sour Grapes, Please”:

No Sour Grapes, Please

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Enter the exciting new world of church leadership

Dr. Paul Benjamin
“You Can… Be A Successful Church Leader”
Kingdom Kraft #4105

“Your Attitude Toward Drinking”:

Your Attitude Toward Drinking

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up, up and away

Dr. John Furbay: Jet Age Circuit Rider
“The Sky’s the Limit”

“The Sky’s the Limit (excerpt):

The Sky’s the Limit

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dead calm

“Welcome Aboard: A Special Presentation from your Owens Yacht Dealer”
Owens/RCA Victor

“Tips for Family Boating”:

Tips for Family Boating

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cliches of americanism

Leonard E. Read
“The Essence of Americanism and Cliches of Socialism”
Manning Organization #62-R101

“The Essence of Americanism”:

The Essence of Americanism

He’s gone, but his foundation lives on…

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Have a Freak-out Party

The Unfolding
“How To Blow Your Mind and have a Freak-Out Party (if you want to)”
Audio Fidelity #AFSD-6184

“Acid Rock”:

Acid Rock

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Just add water

Jimmy Nelson featuring Danny O’Day & Farfel
“Instant Ventriloquism”
Juro #JCR 101


“Instant Ventriloquism – excerpt”:

Instant Ventriloquism – excerpt


See the attached photo. It’s me at 6 years old with my Danny O’Day doll. Danny and I never sang Christian songs, not growing up in a Christian household, I still don’t know any.


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