erm… I think I’ll have the fish.

Elmer Wheeler
“Selling the Sizzle”
Success Motivation Institute #1315

“Selling the Sizzle (excerpt)”:

Selling the Sizzle (excerpt)

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Bring on the diagrams

C. Sumner Wemp
“Love, Courtship, Romance, and Sex”
Prestige Prod. #10253

“Love, Courtship, Romance, and Sex”:

Love, Coutrship…

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For every Soul Winner there must be a Soul Loser

Reggie Thomas
“You Can… Be A Soul Winner”
Kingdom Kraft #4101

From the Back Cover:
–4000 souls won in 4 years as a traveling evangelist from 1951 to 1955
– Over 1000 won at Catlin, IL from 1955 to 1961
–More than 700 won in East Point, Ga. from 1961 to 1964
–Only 5 Sundays with-out a Soul won to Christ in the 3 years at East Point

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I predict you will not listen to this record

Harold Sherman
“E.S.P., Extra Sensory Perception – Your Sixth Sense, Vol 3: How To Fortell Your Future”
Knight Education #KEI-HS3

“Examples of How To Use ESP to Look Into the Future”:

Examples of How To Use ESP to Look Into the Future

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Secrets of Closing Sales

Charles B. Roth
“Secrets of Closing Sales”
Success Motivation Institute #1324

“The Will to Win”:

The Will to Win

From the Back Cover:

Listen to Charles Roth’s message and learn how to close sales in a much higher percentage of your calls! Learn how to successfully cope with almost every situation and objection that might arise in the process of closing! Even learn how to rebuild a close when it falls apart! This knowledge can work like magic for you. All you do is absorb it and put it to work! Like magic, your income will be doubled, tripled, increased at your command!

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But please don’t.

Willie Rodriguez with Chuck Sagle and his Orchestra
“Anyone Can Play Bongos”
Epic# LN3741

“Detailed Basic Rhythm for Left Hand”:

Detailed Basic Rhythm for Left Hand

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Chef Claude Plamondon
“Viva Les Crepes”
Eden #5001

From the Back Cover:

Don’t mistake this album as just a 1,2,3, course in learning to make crepes; It can be a very warm human experience shared, if you are receptive.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the pilot has died. Does anyone have a record player?

“On Course, On the Glide Path”
Aero Progress #7001

Flight instruction by record… yeah, THIS was a good idea…

“On Course…”:

On Course

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Keep reaching

Harry E. Olson, Jr.
“Reach Beyond Your Grasp”
Executive Program Center #32973

“Reach Beyond Your Grasp”:

Reach Beyond Your Grasp

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Retirement At $30,000 A Year

Earl Nightingale
“Gives You… ‘The Strangest Secret’”
ASTRA (Amer. Sales Training Research Associates) #1002

“The Strangest Secret”:

 The Strangest Seret

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