I get older, they stay the same age!

Jay Snell
“Confessions of a Teen-Age Girl”
Ludwig Sound #120

“Confessions of a Teenage Girl”:

Confessions of a Teenage Girl

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God’s Parking Garage

John & Gary Smith
“From Show Business to God’s Business”
Redeemer #6002

The building in the background is Houston’s City Hall.

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the squeaky preacher gets the grease

Rev. Clarence Henderson
“Lord Lubricate My Bones”
Hend’s Records #8201

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Boy Scout camp?

Rev. W. Leo Daniels
“Build Your Own Fire”
Daniels #1001

This guy looks like he’s about to KICK your ASS if you don’t build that fire…

DJ Fatboy Slim used clips of Rev. Daniels on his “Drop The Hate” record.

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‘Deed I Do

Rev. Gusta Booker
“The Day Death Died”
no label #LP-1002

Still going strong.

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Nothin’ says football like a dirt track & toilet paper

Houston Oilers
“Houston Oilers #1″
Bellaire #2000


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touched in the head

Doyle Jones
“I’ve Had a Touch From the Lord”
LeFevre Sound #2720

Heh! The dude still lives at the same Houston address listed on the record…

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A vision in black velvet

Bill Nash
“Presenting Bill Nash”
DOC #101

From the Back Cover:
“Bill has it all. Talent, good looks, and a personal charm which covers his followers like a golden cloak. It is difficult to imagine these days, but at one point in his life he hated singing. His preacher-father, The Rev. Leslie Nash, would include Bill in the family pulpit singalongs and Bill would spend the entire time crying in protest. And Bill kept on revolting until his Aunt Audra opened a cocktail lounge a few blocks down the street from his father’s church.”

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Much better than a Mariachi band


“At The Summit”
1968, Summit Records

From the Back Cover:

“Certainly this album could have been called ‘The Many Moods of Hulda,’ for here she has recreated the sounds that are heard live nightly at the Summit. When first we discussed making an album the greatest problem was how to get the feeling of Hulda’s moods, personality, and voice quality on record. Could we duplicate her ability to tell a story of joy or sorrow the way she does nightly at the club?  After long hours of recording these songs…, we believe it is all here under this cover photograph taken one evening as Hulda sang in the Fire Room of the luxurious Summit Club in Downtown Houston.”

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all smyles

The Smylie Family

Ludwig Sound #313
Spring, TX

From the Back Cover:

“It is with pleasure that I find myself writing this short note and recalling the last twenty or more years that I have had the privilege of knowing the Smylies. In those days together, we sang and ministered to the people in street services at the courthouse square, in the jails, and in the various churches in and around Houston and in the Sunday night radio broadcast of the Sky Pilot. And now we have done it again by recording this album which combines a little nostalgia and something new. Sammy & June’s youngest son, Johnny, now a young man, adds a touch of young new sounds which blend so well with the traditional.”

–Charles Ludwig

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