drink in the magnificent powerfulness

Bobbi Jean White
“Higher Ground!”
Skylite #6064

From the Back Cover:
Her name should be Bobbi Soul instead of Bobbi Jean because that’s what you hear when she belts forth a song… soul, soul, soul! When Bobbi sings… you listen and drink in the magnificent powerfulness… the emphasis of each word! Suddenly, all too soon the song has ended. You sit quietly and hope she sings another… and another… and another. Perhaps it was a personality just like Bobbi that the composer had in mind when he wrote “We’ve Got a Great, Big, Wonderful God”. As Bobbi often says, “I may be big, but I have a much bigger God!

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I Never Walk Alone

Gloria Roe
“I Never Walk Alone”
Word #WST-8348

Still singing!

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Still wondering if there is really such a thing as a Meetinting

Ruby McKellar

“Sings Camp Meetinting (sic) Style”
LeFevre Sound #2830
(Alexandria, LA)

Where in the world did you get that picture? I just typed my name in Yahoo and got your web site. I about died. That is funny but that was the hair do of the day. I was keeping up with the Joneses[ha]. Thanks for a good laugh.
– Ruby McKellar

PS: I still sing, but have never made another project, as it is called today, but I use others soundtrax and sing at a lot of senior events a little at my church. I am getting old. THANKS!

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The original inspiration for this whole mess

LTD Records #4013

“I Get All Excited”:

I Get All Excited

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Piano & Hair Styling of Donna Hall

Donna Hall
“Instrumental Styling Of Donna Hall”
Donna Hall #102

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Only Jesus Could Pull Off That Jacket

Jim Tucker
“Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul”
Rainbow Sound #R-5020-LPS

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(Andrew “Sparky” Sparks)
Sparrowhawk, 1977

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Kenny Loves Jesus, Defacing Trees

Kenny Rodgers
“Kenny Loves Jesus”
1981, Messiah #81

From the Back Cover:

The purpose of this album is not to entertain; its purpose is to lift up the name of Jesus to draw all men unto Him. I pray that the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit would move in your heart to draw you to Christ.”

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Just Jesus, Me, and this Fabulous Hair

Carl Preacher
“Just Jesus and Me”
1977, Savoy #14453

Carl and his mother, Ruth

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Color Him LOVE

John McKay
“Color Him Love”
Zondervan Records

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