Love the monogrammed shades

Terri Gibbs
“I’m A Lady”

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They see me rollin’…

Joni Eareckson Tada with Joni’s Kids
“I’ve Got Wheels”
Word #7-01-893210-6

“God Gave Us Hands”:

God Gave Us Hands

From the Back Cover:

If you ride a skateboard or pedal a bike or push a scooter, you already have a lot in common with people in wheelchairs — wheels!

Still rolling

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I can’t see anything weird about this record

The Braillettes
“Our Hearts Keep Singing”
Heart Warming #1998

The Brailettes are Maggie, Jackie, and Kay.

From the Back Cover:
“Take equal amounts of talent, wit, personality, beauty, and warmth, mix well with a large amount of dedication and you have the Brailettes. A new dimension came into my life the wonderful day I gave my heart to these beautiful blind girls. For the first time I explored the dark world of the sightless and suddenly I began to see through their eyes a new world of lovely sounds and fragrances.”

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what about me?

Gary Dee Bradford
“Sings For You and You and You”

“One Day at a Time”:

One Day at a Time

Gary sues the University of Houston

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Karoke night at the rehab clinic

The Addicts
“The Addicts Sing”
Word #WST-8379

” The Addicts’ March”:

The Addicts’ March

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consider it saved!

The DeFranco Family
“Save the Last Dance For Me”
20th Century #T441

Ah, the family variety band. The cute lead singer, the hunky guitarist, the hot bass player, the matching outfits…

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God’s Parking Garage

John & Gary Smith
“From Show Business to God’s Business”
Redeemer #6002

The building in the background is Houston’s City Hall.

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It’s only a statue, Kenneth.

Kenneth Glover
“He Touched Me”

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where art thou?

Jack Brown
“The Amazing Grace of God”
Nor-Vel #70130

From the Back Cover:

During the thirty years that Jack was a dope addict his wife Pearl continued to pray for him. His amazing transformation will encourage other wives to be faithful to god and pray for their husbands who are ensnarled by sin, dope, and crime.

“Speaker: Jack Brown”:

Speaker: Jack Brown

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all smiles

Dave Boyer
“Thank You Lord”
Reverence #602

Still looking sharp.

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