No 15-year ARM mortgage for the Binion Family…

The Singing Binion Family
“I Hold a Clear Title”
LPS 7034

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Curtis Bryan
“I Am Amazed”
Saber #1009

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…and I sing it over…and over…and over…

Joe Atkinson
“I Have One Song”
Saber #1005

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I don’t get it

Jamall Badry
“Over My Head”
Word C-5097-LP

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Can I Get a YE? Can I Get a HAIL YE?!

The Wesleymen
“Hail Ye!”
Wesleymen Album 1

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This is my wife, Denise… She’s a little nuts

Jerry Duffer
“All of My Tomorrows”
Prestige #760117

OK, so what kind of tree is this?  Any help?

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That how she rolls

The Fuller Family
“A Little Crippled Girl’s Prayer”

From the back cover:

“To be asked to write about Marsha Fuller on her album is an easy task.  She is an inspiration to all who know her.  It was mainly Marsha’s song (The Cripple Girl’s Prayer) that inspired our recent Easter Telethon for the crippled children at the Cardinal Hill Hospital.  She served on the Telethon many long hours; on the telephone as moderator, and of course, singing….  One tiny 13-year-old girl, full of laughter, small in body, unable to walk, with a voice so mighty that in the quiet times looking into her face — you see God.

–June Rollings, WKYT-TV, Lexington, Kentucky”

Someone pay for the article and let me know

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Fiercely against Modernism

Charles Burpo
“Sings Hymns”
The Bible Institute #BI-785

From the back cover:

It is difficult for me to write about myself.  However, I will say that I am fiercely against Modernism, Communism, or any evil that will threaten my Country.  We do not pull any punches in our ministry.

About all I can say in conclusion is, that I want to ba a friend to every sinner, a blessing to every Christian and a terror to all evil.”


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Surf’s Up!

The Lundstrom Team
“Running Free”
Canaan #9666

From the back cover

As old as the world’s creation and as new as tomorrow’s daybreak comes the gospel message… recorded by the Lundstrom Team of Sisseton, South Dakota. Travelling 340 nights a year in crusades, camps, and rallies, this consecrated evangelistic team has been on their gospel mission for 12 years bringing to the NOW GENERATION, through song and sermon, God’s message of redemption and eternal life.

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…riots permeate every community…

The Singing Ledbetters
“God’s Not Dead”
Family Circle # 1006

From the Back Cover:
Many people in our present age are disturbed and unhappy. I have never seen so much discontent and trouble throughout the world. Insecurity, restlessness and riots permeate every community. The reason the ‘atomic bomb’ made headlines, is because of the very insecurity it posed for our future. Frankly, I have little interest in the atomic bomb.”

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