too close for comfort

Erick, and His Manipulator Beverly Massegee

Rainbow #2199

From the Back Cover:

Beverly Massegee is not the typical preacher’s wife. But then, her husband, Charles Massegee, is not a typical preacher. Beverly is a former movie actress and Playboy circuit entertainer.

“Let the Sun Shine In”:

Let the Sun Shine In

OMIGOD. Beverly Massegee nee Oliver claims to be the freakin’ JFK ‘Babushka Lady‘!!!


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In case you were wondering who was who

Wally & Ginger Laxson

“Sing Live Again”
Evangel Records

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The Stalnecker convoy

The Stalneckers
“Strength For Living”
(no label) #1976-1

The Stalneckers not only had a bus, but two trucks and a van to haul God’s love around the country.

Here’s Bette!

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Could that really be one person’s hair?

Mike & Linda Murdock

“I Just Came to Talk With You, Lord”
Maranatha #LP-103

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The Barnetts rock out

The Barnett Family

“Sings Amazing Grace
REV / Alvis #1-66


I really enjoy your site. I must take exception, however, with the album cover regarding the Barnett Family. I was a friend of Alvis Barnett (now deceased) and his wife Arleigh and other members of the family. Alvis came from a gospel background and as a young man Elvis and rock and roll were born. It was not uncommon then for someone like Alvis to adopt a, say, rockabilly hairstyle. Alvis told me that he even had some problems in church because he put a little bit too much rock and roll into some of his church music.

The song in the closing scenes of the movie “Nashville,” titled “Trouble in the U.S.A.” is performed by Alvis and was included in one of his family’s gospel albums. Alvis would tell you: God works in mysterious ways.

–Bryce M.

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those crazy witty’s!

John & VickiJo Witty

“Family Portrait”
Word #WSB-8846

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…but he hates my wardrobe

Wayne Carr
“Jesus Loves Me”
Vistel Sound
photo: Mastercraft Studios

“Testimonial Medley”:

Testimonial Medley

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Watch your daughters at the barn dance

Johnny B and The Good Guys

“Gospel Time”
Rainbow #2027

From the Back Cover:

“Johnny ‘B’ and The Good Guys play and sing for all kinds of groups, county fairs, rodeos, conventions, charity organizations, churches, private and public gatherings of varied interest. Since most of their performance is for religious groups, they have been persuaded by Rainbow Records to record a gospel album, country and western style”

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Just hanging out on this bridge…

The Goffs
“Lasting Sounds!!!”
Lighthouse #10613

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Tim Edwards & the Crusaders

Tim Edwards & the Crusaders

“Present Christ in Song”
Jaggars Audio

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