He only parks in the Inconvenienced parking spots

Gary Bradford
“I’m Not Handicapped, Just Inconvenienced”
Chime Records

Gary Does Ventriloquism


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LOOK AT MY GLASSES. look at them.

Roosevelt Miller
“Golden Bells”
Polbeson #WLPS 501

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Blinded By the Light

upliftersThe Uplifters, “Guided By the Footprints”, 1985, ECP # 2097

The other day I found The Uplifters & the Polston Family side by side at a thrift store and assumed at first it was the same visually challenged group…. but it was not.  A dig through the BizarreRecords archive turned up a few other groups from the time when giant glasses went hand in hand with giant hair.

polstonThe Polston Family, “Featuring ‘Well Glory’ and ‘The Singing Family’”, Alpha #7908-4

meritsThe Merits, “A Brand New Touch”, Rainbow #2506

The Roy Knight Singers, “Little David”, 1985, Supreme #SS 33042

HaganJ Judy Hagan, “For Those Tears I Died”, Benson Sound

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Horsing Around

KeelingRidingJim Keeling
“Riding for Jesus”


watn2s1Now folks, THIS is how you make a web page.

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“Pop” goes daddy’s arteries

“Pop” and the Wills Family
“Now I Have Everything
Skylite #LPS 6074

watn2s1Our History

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Yakity Slacks

gospelsaxMr. Gospel Sax
(Riginald LaFaye)
“Just A Closer Walk With Thee”
Wine Skin # 259-23


Romancing the Sax

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Uh oh… Better get Maaco.

Tommy Ellison
“Let This Be a Lesson To You (Drunk Driver)”
1985, Atlanta International Record Co., #AIR-10086

Died 2009

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Jonah, the Whale, and some Dirty Hippies

Bob Curlee & Ken Flowers
“Jonah & the Whale”
1970, Jonah Records

“JONAH AND THE WHALE washed up on the Panama City Beach in June of 1970 — and another miracle took place.  Armed with nothing but faith and a guitar — the cast set up a stage across from the Miracle Strip Amusement Park and presented the happy-go-lucky musical five nights a week.”

band 2

Swaller Song

Check his site for the full musical

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Glory Gang

The Glory Gang
“Nice Guys Finish First”
BOC records #2040

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Smoking Jesus Weed

The Joint-Heirs
QCA Recording

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