Love the monogrammed shades

Terri Gibbs
“I’m A Lady”

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They see me rollin’…

Joni Eareckson Tada with Joni’s Kids
“I’ve Got Wheels”
Word #7-01-893210-6

“God Gave Us Hands”:

God Gave Us Hands

From the Back Cover:

If you ride a skateboard or pedal a bike or push a scooter, you already have a lot in common with people in wheelchairs — wheels!

Still rolling

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I can’t see anything weird about this record

The Braillettes
“Our Hearts Keep Singing”
Heart Warming #1998

The Brailettes are Maggie, Jackie, and Kay.

From the Back Cover:
“Take equal amounts of talent, wit, personality, beauty, and warmth, mix well with a large amount of dedication and you have the Brailettes. A new dimension came into my life the wonderful day I gave my heart to these beautiful blind girls. For the first time I explored the dark world of the sightless and suddenly I began to see through their eyes a new world of lovely sounds and fragrances.”

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what about me?

Gary Dee Bradford
“Sings For You and You and You”

“One Day at a Time”:

One Day at a Time

Gary sues the University of Houston

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Karoke night at the rehab clinic

The Addicts
“The Addicts Sing”
Word #WST-8379

” The Addicts’ March”:

The Addicts’ March

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On Top of the World

Rollie Hudson
“On Top of the World”
Delta #79-601

From the Back Cover:

“Rollie’s personal appearances, radio shows, and recordings have made him a favorite among organ enthusiasts. Lack of sight has not stopped Rollie from concertizing in many parts of America.”

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