Where are My Keys? Where Did I Park? What Day Is It?

Ray Brock
“Who Am I? Why Am I Here?  Where Am Going?”
Ray Brock #LP-1001

From the Record Label:
“For best results, play this record during the last three hours of your sleep each night.  If you do not have a timer, play this record all night.  Play this record every night for at least three months or longer if needed or desired.  Turn down the volume, very very low.  Wonderful results should follow.”

Ray Brock

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At least they’re asking first

The Ministers Quartet
“Let Me Touch Him”
LPS 135

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More Mrs. Mills

Reader Martin Brozius sent me some more Mrs. Mills covers.  Thanks Martin!

Mrs. Mills
“It’s Party Time”
“Everybody’s Welcome at Mrs. Mills Party”
“Mrs. Mills Party”

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My Three Dads

The Mom and Dads
“Merry Christmas with the Mom and Dads”
GNP Crescendo #2067

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Come Ye Apart

May Rowland
“Come Ye Apart Awhile” (10″ LP)
Unity #LS500

Unity School of Christianity

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this guy really hates hospitals

Uncle Bud Robinson
“Uncle Bud’s Hospital Experience”
Beacon Hill #L-114

From the Back Cover:

Bud Robinson, an ill-prepared preacher who came from a depraved background, carved a lasting niche in lives of thousands during his sixty-two years of ministry. Partly because of a speech impediment and partly because he was uneducated, his style was simple and his syntax confusing. This was not a major barrier, for he found he could interpret his feeling in unadorned language.

“My Hospital Experience”:

My Hospital Experience


Uncle Buddy, aka Reuben Robinson, was my great-grandfather. I even have a copy of this particular record album. He was a precious man of God.

The Uncle Bud stories are among my most favorite stories I have ever heard. Special family reunions or gatherings give opportunity to share some of these stories.

Have you ever checked out various web-sites with his name? They do include some of his sermons.

Thank you,


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Knees Up!

Mrs. Mills
“Knees-Up Party”
Music for Pleasure #50230
photography: Colin Glanfield
design: David Wharin

From the Back Cover:

A party isn’t any sort of a party without our Glad. Half a minute of her gusty lusty piano playing and you’re a goner… a compulsive joiner… toes tapping, fingers snapping… away on a breezy bouncy journey that gets you singing every step of the way simply because of the come-on-and-be-with-us atmosphere she creates whenever she’s around.

–Carol Spero

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Probably not.

Mrs. Miller
“Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?!”
Capitol records

All about Mrs. Miller

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Find the seashell

The Friends
“Songs That Mom and Dad Taught Us”
Area Wide Crusades #740319

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One Foot In the Grave

The Eight Balls
“A Musical Essay on Dixieland Jazz”
Lemco #7701

These guys were members of the Oleika Shrine Temple in Lexington, Kentucky.

From the Back Cover:

“Harking back to the beginnings of Jazz, the group adopted the Jazz funeral theme, traveling in a hearse and carrying their instruments in a casket. The hearse stops at some public place where the Eight Balls, formally dressed as undertakers, remove the casket and carry it into the lobby with dignified mien. After a brief ceremony, the casket is opened and the instruments come out, marking the start of another performance of Dixieland music.”

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