Sing with Marcy

Little Marcy

“Sing With Marcy”
Zondervan #ZLP 657

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Trees Talk Too!

Geraldine & Ricky

“Trees Talk Too!”
World Records #WRLP-1011

“The Liquor Store”:

The Liquor Store

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Geraldine & Ricky

Geraldine & Ricky

Christ For the World #770-1346/7

“Geraldine, Ricky & Johnny”:

Geraldine, Ricky & Johnny

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One album was not enough

Don & Seymour

“More of…”
Bellaire #1007


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Seymour plays the chords

Don & Seymour

Gadget #GS6497/8
photo: Hal Buchanan

“Sunny Side of Life”:

Sunny Side of Life

Don Travis was “Cadet Don” of Houston’s famous Channel 13 space-themed kids show. Here’s his story.

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Suzi needs a helmet

Maralee Dawn with Butch and Suzi

“Here We Come”
Little People #9018

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Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy

Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd

“Laugh and Learn! Lessons in Ventriloquism”
Juro Celebrity #EB 591

From the Back Cover:
Bergen-McCarthy “firsts” include:
– First radio program to hold No. 1 position on both Hooper and Crossley ratings for more than one consecutive year
–First major comedy program to be filmed for television in a motion picture studio with an audience
–First filmed program to be telecast simultaneously from coast to coast

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Why is The Man keeping Roosevelt Franklin down?

This is a repost from the old BizarreRecords blog

Roosevelt Franklin
“My Name is Roosevelt Franklin”
Sesame Street

Roosevelt Franklin was screwed from the start.
As the token black muppet on the early days of Sesame Street, he was made to carry to weight of the entire race on his spindly, turtlenecked shoulders. Wee Roosevelt, who said his first name first and his second name second, was always getting into trouble. He hung out with his brother, sister, main man Mobity Mosley, and some Mexican kid.

“Roosevelt Franklin Counts”

This album, a 1974 reissue of 1971′s “The Year of Roosevelt Franklin”, is voiced by Matt “Gordon” Robinson. Someone saw fit to make a front cover that looked like a mugshot from clown jail. Roosevelt lasted only a few years on the Street. Apparently, complaints were made that Roosevelt was a bad negro stereotype and a poor example for children. I’ll let you be the judge.

“The Skin I’m In”

Matt Robinson as Gordon, with an orange Oscar.

Roosevelt music is funky, jiving step up from the usual Sesame Street fare. We can only guess what he might have done with a disco album.

Mobity Mosley meets Surfin’ Bird on “Mobity Mosley’s Months”

Roosevelt & Abeceto sing about sharing on “Halfies”

Safety is the theme with “Safety Boy Blues”. “A city street is like a beehive… where the bees have gone out of their minds”

Back to learnin’ with “Roosevelt Franklin’s Alphabet”

Wikipedia on Roosevelt Franklin.
Matt Robinson died of Parkinsons disease in 2002.

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