But please don’t.

Willie Rodriguez with Chuck Sagle and his Orchestra
“Anyone Can Play Bongos”
Epic# LN3741

“Detailed Basic Rhythm for Left Hand”:

Detailed Basic Rhythm for Left Hand

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Pete Rugolo at Work

Pete Rugolo
“Percussion at Work”
Mercury SR80003

From the Back Cover:

The overall impact of Percussion at Work is that of a flamboyant yet tasteful display of tone colors that show in brilliant high fidelity the astonishing variety of drum sounds at the disposal of the modern musician.

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“Percussion at Work”
Mercury SR80003nnnfff

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bongos bongos bongos bongos bongos bongos bongos bongos bongos

Los Admiradores
“Bongos Bongos Bongos Bongos Bongos Bongos”
Command #RS809SD

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My sleeves. Look at them.

Jack Costanzo & his Latin Orchestra
“Mr. Bongo Plays in Hi-Fi”
Tops #1564

JC Biography

From the Back Cover:

From Havana to Hollywood, the bongo beat is sweeping the continent. Bongo parties are developing into a revered Institution as thousands of unrelenting tyros nurse sore fingers and aching wrists trying to make the skins speak Cubano.

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bongos: ticket to a woman’s heart

Les Baxter
Capitol #T774

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