Kids, this it what hipsters looked like in 1985

Personal Effects
“Bring Out the Jazz”
1985, Earring Records

When I found this I honestly thought it was going to be a recording of a high school jazz band.  I have to admit being a bit disappointed to find out Personal Effects is actually a nerdy synth-pop group from Rochester, NY.  Not sure what look they were going for on this cover.  The mid-80′s were a weird, confused time…

In a band called Margaret Explosion

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King of the Tuba

Bill Bell
“And His Tuba”
Golden Crest #CR3015

From the back cover:

“There is no question that among musicians today William Bell would be enthroned as King of the Tuba.  So fantastic are his achievements on the instrument that the professionals who know and understand its difficulties shake their heads in wonder and amazement when they hear him play. ‘He plays it like it was a fiddle,’ one admiring musician said thinking of the lightness of touch and agility of fingering. ‘He plays it like a Franch Horn,’ a distinguished composed added, thinking of the brilliance of tone and the richness of range.

In an age in which superlatives have become suspect through over-usage it is difficult to find suitable words to describe a triumph of this kind. ”

Honking in heaven

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Joel Diamond Rides His Instrument

Joel Diamond Experience
1979, Casablanca NBLP-7168

Holy crap, there’s  talk that this guy may replace Simon on American Idol…

Joel and Rodney for some reason

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I feel this way myself sometimes

Nathan Woodruff
“This Is the Way I Feel”
Star Records # 09-0573-S

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missing links

The Links
1978, # LP-504

The Links rock the Big Smiles, Big Hair, and Big Bowties look.

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those crazy witty’s!

John & VickiJo Witty

“Family Portrait”
Word #WSB-8846

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multi-talented guy

Tom Wilson

“All-American Boy”
Aboveground #AR-102

Yes it’s Tom! See him do the dishes! Mow the lawn! Brush his teeth! Do his best imitation of a gay Borat!

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Weddings – Parties – Computer Repair

The Stellar Unit

design: John Gill magic Rat Productions

“Zip-a-dee Doo-dah”:

Zip-a-dee Doo-dah

Playing again! With a chick!

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Running on tip-toe

Bob McGilpin
1978 , Butterfly #010
Art Direction: Ria Lewerke

Has a recording studio.

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Not even cool enough for a color photo

The Losers
LOST #101

From the back cover:

“TED LOSITO, is Leader, Vocalist and Bass Player with THE LOSERS. Ted came to Cleveland from Syracuse, N.Y., to help build a show group. That group didn’t work out.”

“I Love Music“:

I Love Music

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