Here’s a smattering of what people have written about and the Worst Album Covers books.

SPIN magazine:  Sleeves of Destruction
The Guardian:  Worst Album Covers Ever review
BBC Brasil
Houston Press article

Talkin’ about Joyce on the Polkaholics website

Then there’s my covers which show up on tv shows:

Jeff Bridges talking about Joyce on Ellen

    “[These] albums… transcend mere kitsch, exuding a flouriated cheeriness that borders on surreal.” –SPIN

    “Best Record Collection” – Houston Press

    “A truly jaw-dropping collection… Very, very funny.” — Publisher

    “#1 Most Remarkable Things in Culture This Month” — Esquire

    “Chances are you’ve seen and rejected thousands of the records that now make up the bulk of Houstonian Nick DiFonzo’s world-famous collection of bad and strange album covers.”– Houston Press

    “New book reveals the horrors that give pop art a bad name.” — UK Daily Express

    “Some album covers are classics, real collectors’ items, works of art almost. Then there’s this lot.” –UK Sunday People

    “Some poor peeps have mucked up their record sleeves good and proper, and Nick DiFonzo has put… his favourite nightmare covers into this one funtastic book.” — The Star

    “Avid bargain-bin nerd Nick DiFonzo has gathered together some of the best, most twisted, most bizarre and, well, worst album sleeves… and what a fabulously freaky bunch they are.” — Gay Times