Yodeling For Jesus

Bobby Walker
“Gospel Organ featuring Yodeling for Jesus”
Gospel Music for Christ #GMC 901

From the liner notes:
“I’m in love with Jesus!  It’s just that simple.  Barbituates, amphetamines, booze, and pot, were replaced with the Holy Spirit.  I’m higher than I’ve ever been in my life.  Man, what a trip.  No joke, I get higher everyday and never worry about the inevitable crash that accompanies pills and the hard stuff.  Being an ex-night club entertainer, I’m hip to all the “junk”.  So I can speak authoritatively.”

“Yodeling For Jesus”:


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Cowboy Crusader

Ben Swett
“Riding the Range For Jesus”
Sacred Recordings, St. Paul, MN

“Riding the Range for Jesus”:


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Lockup of Love

John Gunter, the Singing Sheriff
“Captive Audience”
Captive Audience #0001

This guy was sheriff of Madison County, Indiana.

John Gunter, “Prisoner of My Heart”:


Apparently, the Singing Sheriff is still available to sing and speak at your event.

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Rock & Roll – The Devil’s Diversion

Bob Larson
“Speaks Out!”
Cornerstone #CRS-4014

Bob Larson speaks out:

Books by Bob:

“Hippies – Hindus and Rock & Roll”
“Rock & Roll – The Devil’s Diversion”

Take the DEMON TEST!!!

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Delight Your Friends & Family

Kathy Anderson
“Listen & Learn Knitting Album”
1974, Craft Concepts

Kathy Anderson, “Introduction”:


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Come for the blintzes, stay for the Booty Shirts

Steve Fortgang
“The #1 Bar Mitzvah Band”

From the liner notes:

“The STEVE FORTGANG Entertaining Orchestra has become the #1 Bar Mitzvah Band in South Florida probably because they enjoy what they do… They thrive on making your party a success!  The band is outrageous and their “good-time” attitude is contagious!  Perhaps Steve is #1 because of the many “Specialty Dances” and “Contests” he MC’s, and the hit records, albums and Booty Shirts that are awarded to the kids as prizes.”

Steve Fortgang, “Maniac”:

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Where are My Keys? Where Did I Park? What Day Is It?

Ray Brock
“Who Am I? Why Am I Here?  Where Am Going?”
Ray Brock #LP-1001

From the Record Label:
“For best results, play this record during the last three hours of your sleep each night.  If you do not have a timer, play this record all night.  Play this record every night for at least three months or longer if needed or desired.  Turn down the volume, very very low.  Wonderful results should follow.”

Ray Brock

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Everybody wear your best shirt!

Spirit #1202

Many gospel groups go to great lengths to wear matching, coordinated outfits.  The Royals, however, appear to have split a $20 gift certificate at the thrift store on the way to the photo shoot.

The Royals, “L-O-V-E”:

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Orange you glad we love Jesus?

The Believers Quartet
“We Wish You Jesus – More Than Anything”
Heaven Bound #BQ-1008

photography:  Wayne Eaton

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As good at the organ as he was with balls

Denny McLain
“At the Organ:  The Detroit Tigers Superstar Swings with Today’s Hits”
Capitol records

submitted by: Gary H.

What I like about this record is that the guy actually plays on  it, unlike many other “sports” records that have the star on the cover but other people’s music within.

McClain’s baseball career was short but eventful.  Although he won the Cy Young Award, was named the AL Most Valuable Player, and pitched in the World Series, all in 1968, he suffered from a series of injuries and scandals.  From wikipedia:

“Sports Illustrated reported that a foot injury suffered by McLain late in 1967 had been caused by an organized crime figure stomping on it for McLain’s failure to pay off on a bet. McLain missed six starts because of this injury, coming back to pitch and lose the Tigers’ final game of the season against the California Angels, which cost his team the 1967 pennant. McLain’s story of what caused the injury kept changing: on various occasions, he claimed that he had kicked his locker after a particularly disappointing start; fallen asleep watching television, then wrenched his toes against some furniture when he woke up in the dark; kicked some garbage cans being ‘terrorized’ by squirrels; and fallen into a manhole while being chased by a pack of wild dogs.”  It goes on from there…

Took a wrong turn at Cracker Barrel

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