Advice for Swingers

Bob Rosburg
“Hear How to Improve Your Golf”
Carlton Hear How #15

Bob Rosburg became a commentator for ABC Sports and pioneered the concept of the “roving reporter” during golf coverage.  Unfortunately, he was unable to pioneer making television golf coverage any less dull.


The Texas Hold ‘em of the Sixties

Oswald Jacoby
“HEAR HOW to Play Winning Bridge”
1960, Carlton Hear How # 10

Died in 1984


Feel Fit and look good in your Banana Hammock

Barton Horvath
“HEAR HOW you can Feel Fit All Day”
1960, Carlton Hear How #11

Barton Horvath

Was still pumping iron in Florida as of 2002.


Spare Me

Billy Golembiewski
“HEAR HOW  to be a Better Bowler”
Carlton Hear How # 13


I thought it said Prostate

Norman Dacey
“Tells You How to Avoid Probate”
1966, Philips #PHM 200-229


Still advising against probate from the grave


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

Lloyd Bridges
“Hear How to Skin Dive”
Carlton Hear How #17


You know he’s successful, he’s got TWO desk pens

Eugene J. Benge
“How to Become a Successful Executive”
Success Motivation Institute #1331

(c) SMI



Ain’t No Party Like a Czechoslovak Party

Various Soloists and Zdenek Prochazka Ensemble
“Recorded Live at a Czechoslovak Party in Prague”
Apon # 2508


Recorded live at Restaurant Na Rychte in Prague


Looks like they got rid of the blue sideboard…


MORE new audio clips, or should I say äudiø clips

????? “The Song of Sooth Country: The Most Favourite of Formosan Airs Vol. 6″

The Girls s/t

Borresen, Geir og Smurfene “I Smurfe-land”

Børud-Gjengen “I Farta”

Flamingo Kvintetten “4″Flamingo Kvintetten “9″

Magdeburgarna s/t

Tusberg, Harald “Spok & Alvor i Badekaret”

Thorleifs “Grat Inga Tarar…”

Waagan, Hans Edmund “Eventyrlandet”


new audio clips on old posts

I’ve been going back adding audio clips for some records I posted long ago.  Here’s the first batch:

Adkins, Mike “Thank You For the Dove”

Arrechea, Eleanor “From the Heart of Eleanor”

Arrendell. Kent “Turn Back My Child”

Foreman, George “Thank You Jesus!”

Wayne, John “America, Why I Love Her”

Bankson, Roger “Roger….. Sings High”

Bakker, Tammy Faye “Run Toward the Roar”

Bakker, Tammy Faye “Sings PTL Club Favorites”

Bakker, Tammy Faye “The Lord’s On My Side”

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