crusaders in white pants

Christian Crusaders

“With Al Davis”
Ludwig Sound #0157

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brighten up your day with the Brighten Airs

Bob Markcum and The Brighten Airs

“Don’t Turn Your Back on God”
Grace #1001

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nutty guy

Allan Sherman

“My Son, The Nut, sings nutty things, this time with strings”
WB #1501

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sharing a liver

Allan Sherman

“For Swingin” Livers Only”
WB #1569

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Lovely Hula Head

Gerhard Polt

“Leberkås’ Hawaii”
Jupiter #3379

Selected track titles:

  • “Die Ordnungskraft”
  • “Ein Airportgespråch”
  • “Die Weihnachtsgratifikation”

Wish I could read German.

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You Don’t Have to be Italian

Pat Cooper

“You don’t have to be Italian to like Pat Cooper”
United Artists #6600

Best thing about the following video:  special guest star, Joe Piscopo!

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Electrified Favorites

Steve Allen

“Electrified Favorites”
Coral #57195

From the Back Cover:
If you’re a behind-the-scenes type, you might be interested to know the making of this album represented one of the shortest recording sessions in album history. Steve showed up at the date without having decided what tunes he wanted to do. From there on in, Allen, working with his shirt off for most of the session, just called them off and played them. That’s pretty much Steve’s approach to television and life, too. He ad-libs it.


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He’s Making Eyes At Me

Lena Zavaroni

“Ma! He’s Making Eyes At Me”
1974, Stax #5511

The big pic is actually the back cover. The front cover, shown above, is only slightly less suggestive.

Where Are They Now?Died in 1999.  Check out her stunning performance from the Carson show below:

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I Got a Surprise

Joe Wise

“Close Your Eyes… I Got a Surprise!”
Fontaine House #33370

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“Por Primera Vez”
Discos Belter #EDI-60743

Tino was in the Spanish kids’ group, Parchis. He lost an arm in a car accident several years ago.

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