He flew too close to the Meatloaf

Jim Steinman
“Bad For Good”
cover art:  Richard Corben
cover concept: Jim Steinman
1981, Epic

Jim Steinman is primarily known as the co-creator and composer for Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell”.

According to wikipedia, “In January 2012, it was announced that Steinman is working with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame on a heavy metal version of The Nutcracker.” Yow.


Lame of Thrones

1975, Buddah #BDS 5642



By The Power of Grayskull

“Keep The Dogs Away”
1978, Midsong #MCA-2337

Jon Mikl Thor was a former Mr. USA & Mr. Canada who turned to heavy metal in the mid-70s.  This was his band’s first album.  In recent years the band has reformed and still tours.


Poster that came with the record

Still rocking


Don’t Get Too Close to My Fantasy

various artists
“Rock Fantasy”
1981, Columbia House #1P7230
Illustration:  Richard Fuggetta

Stay tuned this week for more crappy rock & roll album covers!

Cover artist Richard Fuggetta is a talented creator of pinup-style art.


This time you’ve Crossed The Line

Doug Hullum
“Crossed the Separating Line”
1980, Rainbow Sound


Music and Fragrance Become One

Various Artists
“Aromance ™ Aroma Disc™ presents: Romance is in the Air”
CBS Special Products/Environmental Fragrance Technologies

In 1982, a perfume company called Charles of the Ritz released a product that, after long years, finally bridged the gap between the music and air-freshener industries:  The Aromance ™ Aroma Disc™ player.

The Aroma Disc™ player did not play records, but small plastic discs injected with individually-themed scents, with such names as “Passion”, “Ocean Breeze”, “A Dozen Roses”, “Holding Hands”, “After Dinner Mints”, and even “Movie Time”, which smelled of buttered popcorn.

This LP was, at some point, sold along with the aroma player.  It appears to be a generic CBS Special Products sampler branded with an Aroma Disc™ cover.  The vinyl itself doesn’t even mention Aroma Disc™, and bears the title, “To My Love”.

From the back cover:
Romance is in the air! It takes hold of your heart…  sends your spirits soaring… and now, it tantalizes your senses as never before– as music and fragrance become one.

Experience evenings you will remember with the songs of  “ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR” and your favorite mood setting Aroma Disc fragrance records.  Discover the alluring scent of SEDUCTION, the perfect compliment to Peter Nero’s “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.”  Enjoy the fragrant serenade of MOONLIGHT… a soft haunting background to the poignant “Theme From Love Story.”  Or, listen to Ray Conniff’s “Laughter in the Rain” with the delicate whisper of an ENGLISH GARDEN.  Andy Williams singing “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” and the sweet aroma of HONEYSUCKLE & ROSE.  Or, add an exciting new dimension to any selection with the enticing fragrance of PASSION.

Let your imagination and mood be your guide.  Experiment with your fragrance and musical combinations for a uniquely special evening.  It’s an enchanting world of fragrance, music, and emotion– a total sensory experience which you create.  Simply turn down the lights… turn on the music… and let the fragrance play.


Same guitar, less hair

Larry Carlton
“Strikes Twice”
1980, Warner Bros.

  Same guitar, less hair.


Look Deeply Into the Mirror

Michael Quatro Jam Band
“Look Deeply Into the Mirror”
1973, Evolution #3021

Far from being the guy-alone-in-his-room performer that this cover suggests, Michael Quatro was a classical music prodigy (performing with the Detroit Symphony at age 7), a Detroit rock producer, and million-selling recording artist.  He’s the brother of Patti & Suzi Quatro, the original female rock stars of the 60′s.

This track features Ted Nugent on guitar.  Nowadays, I think it would be more likely to find Ted Nugent chasing hippies like Michael Quatro off his land with a shotgun in one hand and a rack of beef ribs in the other.

  Michael recently had his own recording and promotion company, but as the website hasn’t been updated since 2004, I don’t think it went much of anywhere.


You’re never alone when there’s mannequins.

Larry Voltz
“The Last Rainbow”
1981, no label

Larry is one of those “bedroom recording artists”…  A guy who seemingly wrote, performed, and recorded his album by himself in his room.  As you might imagine, interesting things – both good and bad – often result from having no one to tell you if your ideas are terrible or genius.  A BizarreRecord is sure to be the result!


“This album was written and recorded in my bedroom in Houston, Texas during the months of September through December of 1980 using Tascam 8-track equipment. 

Drum tracks supplied by Drum Drops, Woodland Hills, CA.

All other instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, Alembic bass, Arp Omni, Arp Avatar guitar synthesizer, all vocals, compositions, arrangements, concept, design, and production…….  Larry Voltz.”

I can’t find anything current about this guy.  I wonder if he’s still around?  Probably hanging around at Numbers (Houston people will understand) bitching about how much better the music was 30 years ago.



So, I see you like Breadsticks.

Pedro Garcia and his Del Prado Orchestra
Audio Fidelity #AFLP 1842