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Jack Van Impe, drama critic

Dr. Jack Van Impe “Holy Bible Exposes Jesus Christ Superstar” Diadem #313 Its hilarious that Jesus Christ Superstar was so controversial, JVI devoted an entire album to it.

The Van Impes: the early years

The Van Impes “Presenting the Van Impes” Crown V #1003

I can haz armageddonz?

Rexella Van Impe “Rexella Sings… Children’s Songs!” Yes, It’s THAT Rexella, wife of televangelist Jack Van Impe.

Hell Without Hell

Dr. Jack Van Impe “Hell Without Hell: Is It the Grave?” Diadem #DLP 310 From the Back Cover: “Dr. Van Impe felt the need for a recorded sermon, Biblically and doctrinally presented on the subject of eternal Hell. Because of this burden he spent many months researching every verse on the subject…. It is preached […]

Shocking Signs

Dr. Jack Van Impe “Shocking Signs and the End of the Age” Artists #700650 From the Back Cover: “For several years, i have watched with great interest the ministry of Dr. Jack Van Impe. I have listened ti him preach. I have studied his personal life. I have observed the mighty hand of God upon […]

any time now.

Dr. Jack Van Impe “The Coming War With Russia” #691103

Marked for Death

Dr. Jack Van Impe “Marked For Death: Can America Survive?” Artists #700113

Oh come on, better than “Ghost”?

Dr. Jack Van Impe “The Greatest Love Story – The Crucifixion” Diadem #314

From Night Clubs to Christ

Dr. Van Impe “From Night Clubs to Christ” Victory/Singcord #ZLP-785 From the Back Cover: “Dr. Jack Van Impe had an unusual beginning in life, since his father was a night club entertainer who taught him to read music at the early age of four. He started accordion lessons at five and played in clubs by […]