Do you actually own these records?

Yes, every record pictured on this site (except for those in the “Viewer Submissions” pages, and a few others borrowed from friends, as noted) is from my collection.

Where do you find these records?

The majority are from thrift stores. Some are from garage sales, estate sales, junk shops, or the record store junk box. For a few, I actually broke down and bought it on ebay or Gemm, or at (gasp) an actual record store. The vast majority of these records I paid no more than $1 for. (A fact of which I am quite proud for some reason!)

Why are there so many “religious” records on your site?

The simple answer is that religious records, especially BIZARRE religious records, are so easy to find. Not only were a seemingly endless number of them made over the years, but few other people currently collect them. And let’s face it, a good many of them seem to be from another planet entirely!

Why don’t you have more witty comments on the records?

Unless I have something spectacularly hilarious to say, I prefer to let the records speak for themselves!

Why do I see many of these pictures on other websites?

There are dozens of websites now consisting primarily of pictures of my records. While they do say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” I gotta say… cant you just go find your own weird records?? Why do you have to use mine? Oh well, I’ve decided to take the high road and not get too upset about something I can’t change. When I find one of these sites, I usually just ask for a credit and link to my site. What else can I do??

Can you make a me a recording of this record?

No. For copyright reasons (among others).

Can I use your record pictures on my website?

If you use a reasonable number of images and credit and link to my site, I don’t have a problem with it.  If you’re going to take all my pictures to start your own “wacky album covers” site, I do have a problem with it.

Are your records for sale?

Generally, no. I do have some “doubles” of some things. If there’ something you REALLY want, feel free to offer an absurd amount, but I am too unnaturally attached to most of these records to sell them.

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